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Soledad Twombly | International Design Awards Jury

Soledad Twombly

/ Fashion Designer and Decorator

Soledad Twombly opened her first atelier in New York in 1994. A few years later, her fascinating neverending energy and the idea of replicating this project in Rome drove her to open her first atelier in this romantic and creative city full of artists. “The light and the art exude beauty and is the perfect frame for my aesthetics as a fashion designer and decorator”

In the year 2017 Soledad decided to put together a collection of antique and vintage textiles she had been gathering around from all over the world. She mixed up these relics from the far and middle east with new textiles she had been designing in
years of collaboration with a Milanese company. She then gathered antique accessories, objects, furniture and artwork.

The original intention for this unique collection was to create a theatre set that could change and be rearranged periodically. This interactive idea gave birth to L’Archivio di Monserrato, an archive of a lifetime of traveling and living among creative

This space, located in Via di Monserrato 150, is filled with travel memories and culture. The atmosphere Soledad has created is eclectic, colorful and goes beyond the classic concept of “store”. It evokes a unique style of living life. Soon after the opening of L’archivio di Monserrato, in 2019, Soledad started inviting other artists and designers that thought would fit the atmosphere that she had created. Today, the atelier gathers creativity, design and beauty from all over Italy.