A great product has the potential to be life changing. It can be simultaneously beautiful and innovative, useful and creative, designed to solve a problem, make life easier or simply spread joy.

At the International Design Awards, we want to reward the strategic thinking and imagination which goes into making a product which will be used, valued and perhaps even loved by its target market. Winning an award can help you get your product noticed and into people’s homes or businesses, as well as giving your career a welcome boost.

We want to find new, innovative and ground-breaking products that we can share with the world. Our winning product design will have spotted a gap in the market and created the perfect item to fill it.

If you’ve come up with a design, which stands out from the crowd, you need to let the world know about it. What better way than submitting it to a jury of experts so they can share their praises to people all over the globe?

You’ve already done the hard work by coming up with a great product design, now let us give you the chance to shine. Enter our award today for the opportunity to raise your profile to an international level and have the design world give your work the appreciation it deserves.


The IDA’s Product Design of the Year Award recognises the efforts of talented designers and design teams who aim to improve our daily lives with a practical and beautiful creations, designed to solve a problem, make life easier or simply spread joy.

  • Bedroom: Furniture

    This category includes furniture designed specifically for the bedroom, such as beds, nightstands, dressers, wardrobes, and other storage solutions. The designs focus on functionality, comfort, and aesthetics to create a relaxing and personal space for rest and rejuvenation.

  • Bathroom Fittings/Appliances

    This category includes fittings and appliances designed for the bathroom, such as faucets, showerheads, toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and other bathroom fixtures. The designs prioritize water efficiency, ease of use, cleanliness, and aesthetic appeal to enhance the functionality and visual appeal of the bathroom.

  • Entertainment Area

    This category includes products designed to enhance the entertainment experience at home, such as home theater systems, media consoles, gaming accessories, sound systems, and seating solutions. The designs aim to create an immersive and enjoyable entertainment space within the home.

  • Household Appliances

    This category includes a wide range of appliances used in everyday household tasks, such as refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, vacuum cleaners, and other home appliances. The designs focus on energy efficiency, user-friendly features, durability, and aesthetics to make household chores more convenient and efficient.

  • Home: Furniture

    This category includes furniture designed for various areas of the home, excluding the bedroom and kitchen. It may include living room furniture, dining sets, shelving units, desks, chairs, and other pieces that contribute to the overall functionality, comfort, and style of the home.

  • Home: Lighting- Indoor

    This category includes indoor lighting fixtures designed to illuminate different areas of the home, such as pendant lights, chandeliers, wall sconces, table lamps, and floor lamps. The designs focus on providing efficient and aesthetically pleasing lighting solutions that create the desired ambiance and enhance the interior atmosphere.

  • Home: Lighting - Outdoor

    This category includes lighting fixtures designed specifically for outdoor spaces, such as garden lights, pathway lights, wall-mounted lights, and landscape lighting. The designs prioritize weather resistance, energy efficiency, and visual appeal to enhance the outdoor environment and improve safety and security.

  • Kitchen: Appliances

    This category includes appliances designed for the kitchen, such as stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, range hoods, and other cooking and food preparation appliances. The designs focus on functionality, ease of use, energy efficiency, and sleek aesthetics to enhance the cooking and dining experience in the kitchen.

  • Kitchen: Furniture

    This category includes furniture designed for the kitchen, such as cabinets, countertops, islands, and kitchen storage solutions. The designs prioritize efficient use of space, organization, durability, and aesthetic appeal to create a functional and visually pleasing kitchen environment.

  • Kitchen: Accessories/Tabletop

    This category includes accessories and tabletop items designed for the kitchen, such as cookware, utensils, kitchen gadgets, dinnerware, and serveware. The designs focus on functionality, ergonomics, aesthetics, and quality materials to enhance the cooking, serving, and dining experience.

  • Gardening accessories

    This category includes accessories and tools designed for gardening and outdoor plant care, such as gardening gloves, watering cans, planters, gardening tools, and decorative items. The designs prioritize functionality, durability, and aesthetics to facilitate gardening activities and enhance the outdoor environment.

  • Robotics Appliances

    This category includes appliances and devices that incorporate robotics and automation technology to assist with household tasks, such as robotic vacuums, smart home systems, home security robots, and other innovative automated solutions. The designs aim to provide convenience, efficiency, and advanced functionality in home automation.

  • Materials and Surfaces

    This category includes innovative and sustainable materials and surface solutions for home interiors, such as flooring materials, wall coverings, countertops, tiles, paints, and finishes. The designs focus on sustainability, durability, aesthetics, and versatility to provide a wide range of options for creating distinctive and environmentally friendly home spaces.

  • Textiles/Floor Coverings

    This category includes textiles and floor coverings designed for home interiors, such as carpets, rugs, curtains, upholstery fabrics, bedding, and decorative textiles. The designs prioritize quality, comfort, aesthetics, and versatility to enhance the visual appeal and comfort of the home environment.

  • Windows, Doors

    This category includes innovative window and door designs for residential applications, such as windows, sliding doors, entrance doors, and other architectural elements. The designs focus on energy efficiency, soundproofing, security, and aesthetics to improve the functionality and appearance of the home.

  • Other Home Interior Products

    The "Other Home Interior Products" category encompasses innovative and unique product designs for the home that do not fall within the defined categories. It includes products that demonstrate exceptional creativity, functionality, sustainability, and user-centered design in enhancing various aspects of home living.

  • Audio/listening Devices

    This category includes a wide range of audio devices designed for listening to music, podcasts, and other audio content. It includes headphones, earphones, speakers, soundbars, and other audio accessories. The designs focus on sound quality, comfort, portability, and innovative features to enhance the audio experience.

  • Building Electrical: Switches, Temperature & Control System

    This category includes electrical switches, temperature control systems, and other smart home devices designed to regulate and control various electrical functions within buildings. The designs prioritize user-friendly interfaces, energy efficiency, automation, and aesthetic integration with the overall interior design.

  • Building Security Systems: Alarm and Home Security

    This category includes alarm systems, surveillance cameras, door/window sensors, and other security devices designed to protect residential properties. The designs focus on ease of use, advanced security features, integration with smart home systems, and visual appeal to provide reliable and comprehensive home security solutions.

  • Building Security Systems: Work and Industrial

    This category includes security systems and devices designed for workplaces and industrial environments, such as access control systems, CCTV systems, and intrusion detection systems. The designs prioritize robustness, scalability, advanced analytics, and compatibility with industrial operations to ensure safety and security in professional settings.

  • Building Security Systems: Other Designs

    This category encompasses innovative and unique security system designs that do not fall within the defined categories. It includes cutting-edge technologies, creative solutions, and unconventional approaches to enhancing security in different settings.

  • Camera: Analogue Cameras

    This category includes analogue film cameras designed for capturing still images. The designs may range from vintage-inspired cameras to modern interpretations of classic designs, focusing on aesthetics, ease of use, and the nostalgic experience of film photography.

  • Camera: Digital Cameras

    This category includes digital cameras designed for capturing high-quality still images. It encompasses various types, such as compact cameras, mirrorless cameras, and DSLR cameras. The designs emphasize image quality, user-friendly interfaces, advanced features, and ergonomic considerations.

  • Camera: Equipment (tripods, monopods, etc)

    This category includes camera accessories and equipment that support photographers in capturing stable and professional-quality images. It encompasses tripods, monopods, stabilizers, camera bags, and other accessories. The designs prioritize stability, portability, ease of use, and durability to assist photographers in their creative endeavors.

  • Camera: Lenses

    This category includes camera lenses designed for different types of cameras, such as interchangeable lenses for DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. The designs focus on image clarity, optical performance, versatility, and build quality to provide photographers with a wide range of creative options.

  • Camera: Other Designs

    This category encompasses innovative and unique camera designs that do not fit within the defined categories. It includes experimental camera concepts, unconventional form factors, and cutting-edge technologies that push the boundaries of traditional camera design.

  • Computer: Accessories

    This category includes a wide range of computer accessories designed to enhance functionality, productivity, and user experience. It encompasses keyboards, mice, monitors, docking stations, cables, and other peripherals. The designs prioritize ergonomic considerations, connectivity options, durability, and aesthetic integration with the overall computer setup.

  • Computer: Desktop

    This category includes desktop computers designed for personal and professional use. The designs focus on performance, reliability, expandability, and sleek aesthetics to provide users with powerful computing solutions for various applications.

  • Computer: Information Technology

    This category includes innovative computer systems and solutions designed for information technology infrastructure, data centers, and enterprise environments. The designs prioritize scalability, efficiency, reliability, and advanced management features to meet the demands of complex IT environments.

  • Computer: Laptops

    This category includes laptops and notebook computers designed for portable computing. The designs focus on portability, battery life, performance, display quality, and user-friendly features to cater to the needs of professionals, students, and general users.

  • Computer: Scanners and Printers

    This category includes scanners and printers designed for various applications, such as document scanning, photo printing, and 3D printing. The designs prioritize scanning/printing quality, speed, connectivity options, and ease of use to meet the diverse needs of users.

  • Computer: Tablets

    This category includes tablets designed for mobile computing and multimedia consumption. The designs emphasize portability, display quality, touch responsiveness, battery life, and compatibility with a wide range of apps and services.

  • Computer: Other Designs

    This category encompasses innovative and unique computer designs that do not fit within the defined categories. It includes unconventional form factors, experimental concepts, and cutting-edge technologies that reimagine the traditional computer paradigm.

  • Phones: Application Design

    This category focuses on the design of mobile applications across different platforms, including iOS, Android, and other mobile operating systems. The designs prioritize user experience, functionality, visual appeal, and intuitive interfaces to provide seamless and engaging mobile app experiences.

  • Phones: Cord or Cordless Home Phone

    This category includes corded or cordless home phones designed for residential use. The designs focus on voice clarity, user-friendly interfaces, ease of use, and integration with modern communication systems.

  • Phones: Mobile

    This category includes mobile phones designed for personal communication, multimedia consumption, and mobile computing. The designs prioritize performance, display quality, camera capabilities, battery life, connectivity options, and overall user experience.

  • Phones: Mobile phone Covers and accessories

    This category encompasses innovative and stylish mobile phone covers, cases, and accessories designed to protect and enhance the functionality and aesthetics of mobile phones. The designs may include protective cases, charging docks, screen protectors, and other add-on accessories.

  • Phones: Office Phone Systems

    This category includes office phone systems designed for professional communication in business and organizational settings. The designs prioritize features such as multi-line support, conference calling, voicemail, and integration with other office communication technologies.

  • Phones: Other Designs

    This category encompasses innovative and unique phone designs that do not fit within the defined categories. It includes experimental concepts, unconventional form factors, and cutting-edge technologies that redefine the traditional phone design.

  • TV, Video and Audio Equipment

    This category includes televisions, video players, sound systems, and other audiovisual equipment designed for home entertainment. The designs focus on high-quality display/audio performance, connectivity options, smart features, and aesthetic integration with the living space.

  • Robotics and drones

    This category encompasses robotics and drone designs that serve various purposes, including entertainment, education, exploration, and industrial applications. The designs prioritize functionality, ease of use, safety features, innovative capabilities, and integration with emerging technologies.

  • Other Consumer Electronics Designs

    This category encompasses innovative and unique consumer electronics designs that do not fit within the defined categories. It includes experimental concepts, unconventional form factors, and cutting-edge technologies that push the boundaries of traditional consumer electronics design.

  • Backpacks

    Backpacks are designed for carrying belongings on one's back, providing storage and organization for everyday use, travel, outdoor activities, and commuting. The designs focus on comfort, functionality, durability, and style to cater to diverse user needs.

  • Briefcases

    Briefcases are professional bags designed for carrying documents, laptops, and business essentials. The designs prioritize organization, protection, and professional aesthetics, combining functionality with a sophisticated appearance.

  • Cosmetic Bags

    Cosmetic bags are designed to store and organize makeup and beauty products during travel or daily use. The designs focus on compactness, compartmentalization, durability, and visual appeal, allowing users to keep their beauty essentials easily accessible and protected.

  • Garment Bags

    Garment bags are designed to protect clothing during travel, keeping garments wrinkle-free and organized. The designs feature hanging compartments, secure closures, and convenient handles or wheels for easy transportation.

  • Handbags

    Handbags are fashion accessories designed for carrying personal belongings. The designs range from small clutches to spacious totes, focusing on style, versatility, functionality, and quality craftsmanship.

  • Shopping Bags

    Shopping bags are designed to carry purchased items during shopping trips. The designs prioritize durability, eco-friendliness, ergonomic handles, and visual appeal while accommodating different types of products and shopping experiences.

  • Special Purpose Bags

    Special purpose bags encompass a wide range of bag designs that serve specific purposes such as camera bags, diaper bags, gym bags, pet carriers, and more. The designs cater to the unique requirements of each purpose, focusing on functionality, organization, and convenience.

  • Trolleys

    Trolleys, also known as rolling suitcases, are designed for easy transportation of personal belongings during travel. The designs prioritize durability, maneuverability, storage compartments, and telescopic handles, providing a convenient travel experience.

  • Other Bag Designs

    This category encompasses innovative and unique bag designs that do not fit within the defined categories. It includes experimental concepts, unconventional form factors, and cutting-edge materials that push the boundaries of traditional bag design.

  • Luggage: Carry-on

    Carry-on luggage refers to compact-sized suitcases that meet airline regulations for carry-on baggage. The designs focus on maximizing storage capacity, durability, lightweight construction, and ease of maneuverability.

  • Luggage: Checked

    Checked luggage refers to larger-sized suitcases designed for checked-in baggage during air travel. The designs prioritize spaciousness, durability, security features, and ease of handling to accommodate longer trips and larger storage needs.

  • Luggage: Luxury

    Luxury luggage designs cater to high-end travelers seeking elegance, craftsmanship, and premium materials. These designs showcase meticulous attention to detail, exquisite finishes, advanced functionalities, and luxurious aesthetics.

  • Luggage: Sets

    Luggage sets typically include multiple pieces of coordinated luggage, such as carry-on and checked suitcases. The designs focus on seamless integration, storage optimization, durability, and cohesive aesthetics for travelers requiring various luggage sizes.

  • Watches: Analog

    Analog watches feature traditional hour and minute hands on a dial, displaying time in a classic format. The designs emphasize precise timekeeping, quality craftsmanship, aesthetic appeal, and a variety of styles to suit different preferences.

  • Watches: Digital

    Digital watches use digital displays to present time, often with additional features like alarms, timers, and calendars. The designs prioritize functionality, readability, user-friendly interfaces, and modern aesthetics.

  • Watches: Fashion

    Fashion watches emphasize trendy designs, innovative materials, and fashionable aesthetics. These designs cater to individuals seeking stylish timepieces that complement their personal style and fashion preferences.

  • Watches: Luxury

    Luxury watches represent high-end timepieces known for exceptional craftsmanship, precision, intricate detailing, and prestigious brand associations. The designs showcase opulent materials, mechanical movements, and timeless elegance.

  • Watches: Smartwatches

    Smartwatches combine traditional watch elements with digital features and connectivity capabilities. The designs prioritize advanced technologies, fitness tracking, notifications, customization options, and seamless integration with smartphones and other devices.

  • Wellness and Beauty Products

    Wellness and beauty products encompass a wide range of personal care items, including fragrances, skincare products, haircare products, oral care, and more. The designs focus on effective formulations, user-friendly packaging, sustainability, and visual appeal.

  • Makeup Products

    Makeup products include various cosmetics such as foundation, lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow, and more. The designs prioritize ease of application, long-lasting wear, color range, packaging convenience, and aesthetics.

  • Skincare (creams, liquids, lotions)

    Skincare products encompass creams, liquids, lotions, serums, and other formulations designed to enhance and maintain skin health. The designs focus on quality ingredients, effective formulations, packaging functionality, and user experience.

  • Hairdryers and hair styling tools

    Hairdryers and hair styling tools, such as curling irons and straighteners, are designed to assist in hairstyling routines. The designs prioritize performance, ease of use, heat protection, ergonomic handling, and innovative features for achieving desired hairstyles.

  • Skincare/Healthcare Tools/Devices

    Skincare and healthcare tools/devices encompass a range of products like facial cleansing brushes, massage tools, electronic toothbrushes, and more. The designs focus on effectiveness, user-friendliness, ergonomic design, and compatibility with skincare and healthcare routines.

  • Wellness and Beauty: Other Designs

    This category includes innovative and unique wellness and beauty product designs that do not fit within the defined categories. It encompasses experimental concepts, emerging technologies, and novel approaches to personal care.

  • Personal Hobby and Leisure

    Personal hobby and leisure products encompass a diverse range of items related to hobbies, sports, and recreational activities. This category includes equipment, accessories, and tools designed to enhance personal leisure pursuits and hobbies.

  • Personal Travel Accessories

    Personal travel accessories include a variety of products designed to enhance the travel experience, such as travel pillows, travel adapters, luggage tags, passport holders, and more. The designs prioritize convenience, portability, durability, and style.

  • Other Personal Products

    This category encompasses innovative and unique personal product designs that do not fit within the defined categories. It includes experimental concepts, unconventional form factors, and cutting-edge technologies that cater to individual needs and preferences.

  • Baby Appliances

    Innovative and functional household appliances specifically designed for babies, such as bottle warmers, baby food makers, and baby monitors.

  • Baby Products

    A wide range of essential products designed for infants, including but not limited to diapers, pacifiers, baby bottles, baby clothing, and baby toys.

  • Children Safety Products

    Products designed to ensure the safety and well-being of children, including safety gates, cabinet locks, outlet covers, corner guards, and childproofing solutions.

  • Nursery Products

    Design-focused products for creating a comfortable and functional nursery, including cribs, changing tables, rocking chairs, storage solutions, and nursery décor.

  • Pregnancy & Maternity Products

    Innovative and practical products that cater to the needs of pregnant women and new mothers, including maternity clothing, nursing bras, pregnancy pillows, breastfeeding accessories, and prenatal care products.

  • Strollers

    Well-designed and ergonomic strollers that provide comfort and convenience for parents and children during outings, featuring various types such as lightweight strollers, jogging strollers, and travel systems.

  • Toddler Products

    A range of products designed for toddlers, typically aged between one and three years, including toddler beds, potty training accessories, educational toys, and mealtime essentials.

  • Kids: Bath Accessories

    Fun and functional accessories designed to enhance the bathing experience for children, including bath toys, non-slip mats, hooded towels, and temperature-sensitive faucets.

  • Kids: Car Seats and accessories

    Safe and ergonomic car seats designed to protect children during travel, along with accompanying accessories such as seat protectors, travel organizers, and sunshades.

  • Kids: Changing Tables

    Practical and well-designed changing tables that provide a secure and comfortable space for diaper changes, typically featuring storage compartments and safety features.

  • Kids: Edge & Corner Protections

    Cushions or guards designed to protect children from sharp edges and corners in the home, including table edge guards, corner protectors, and fireplace guards.

  • Kids: Electrical

    Child-friendly electrical products and accessories, including plug socket covers, cord organizers, nightlights, and childproof switches, ensuring electrical safety for children.

  • Kids: Harnesses & Leashes

    Innovative harnesses and leashes designed to keep young children close and safe in crowded places or during outdoor activities, providing parents with peace of mind.

  • Kids: Sterilization

    Products and appliances designed for the sterilization of baby bottles, pacifiers, and other items, ensuring hygiene and safety for infants and young children.

  • Kids: Travel Systems

    Integrated and versatile travel systems designed for families with young children, including combinations of strollers, car seats, and travel bags, providing convenience and ease of use during travel.

  • Other Designs Kids

    A broad category encompassing innovative and unique designs that enhance the well-being, comfort, and safety of children, ranging from furniture and room accessories to educational toys and gadgets.

  • Classroom Products

    Various products designed specifically for classroom use, including storage solutions, organizational tools, seating arrangements, classroom management aids, and teaching resources.

  • Classroom Desks and Chairs

    Ergonomically designed desks and chairs for students, providing comfort and support during learning activities, and promoting good posture and concentration.

  • Classroom Custom Signs

    Customizable signs designed for classrooms, displaying information, rules, schedules, and educational content in a visually appealing and informative manner.

  • Classroom Decoration

    Decorative elements and accessories designed to create an engaging and stimulating learning environment, including wall decals, bulletin boards, banners, and thematic displays.

  • Classroom Games

    Educational games and activities designed to facilitate learning, engagement, and interaction among students, fostering critical thinking, problem-solving, and social skills.

  • Classroom Sets

    Coordinated sets of educational resources, materials, and equipment designed to enhance specific subjects or learning areas, providing a comprehensive and cohesive learning experience.

  • Ebooks and E-Learning

    Digital books and e-learning platforms that offer interactive and multimedia-rich educational content, providing flexibility and accessibility to students and teachers.

  • Educative Posters/Cards

    Informative and visually appealing posters or cards designed to convey educational concepts, facts, and knowledge in a concise and engaging manner, suitable for classroom display.

  • Stationery, Books & Notebooks

    Essential educational supplies such as pens, pencils, notebooks, textbooks, and reference materials, designed for durability, organization, and ease of use.

  • Other Classroom Designs

    A category encompassing innovative and unique designs for classrooms that do not fall into the other specified categories, including furniture, lighting, storage solutions, and interactive installations.

  • Educational Tools

    Tools specifically designed to facilitate teaching and learning, including manipulatives, measurement tools, models, scientific instruments, and multimedia devices.

  • Accessibility Instructional Devices/Methods

    Products and instructional methods designed to ensure inclusive learning environments for students with disabilities or special needs, providing accommodations and support for diverse learners.

  • Alternative Education Tools

    Innovative tools and methods designed for alternative education approaches, such as Montessori, Waldorf, or experiential learning, encouraging creativity, exploration, and self-directed learning.

  • Behavioral Correction

    Tools, strategies, and resources designed to support positive behavior management and discipline in the classroom, promoting a conducive learning atmosphere.

  • Inclusivity Instructional Devices/Methods

    Products and instructional methods that promote inclusivity and diversity in the classroom, fostering understanding, empathy, and cultural awareness among students.

  • Learning Toys

    Toys designed to facilitate learning and skill development, combining play and education to enhance cognitive, motor, and social abilities in children.

  • Self-learning Devices/Apps

    Devices and mobile applications designed to facilitate self-directed learning, providing access to educational content, tutorials, quizzes, and interactive exercises.

  • Software/Apps

    Educational software applications designed to support teaching and learning across various subjects and disciplines, offering interactive lessons, assessments, and learning management tools.

  • Tablets

    Tablet devices specifically designed for educational purposes, providing access to digital learning resources, interactive activities, and collaborative learning experiences.

  • Teaching Aids

    Visual aids, props, and teaching resources that assist teachers in delivering effective and engaging lessons, supporting instructional methods and facilitating student understanding.

  • Other Learning Designs

    A category encompassing innovative and unique designs for educational products and tools that do not fall into the other specified categories, including digital learning platforms, learning management systems, and adaptive learning solutions.

  • Office Chairs

    Ergonomic and comfortable chairs designed for office use, providing support and promoting good posture during long hours of work.

  • Office Conference room

    Design elements and products specifically created for conference rooms, including tables, chairs, audiovisual equipment, and collaborative tools, facilitating effective communication and productivity during meetings.

  • Office Desk

    Functional and well-designed desks for individual workspaces, offering ample surface area, storage solutions, and cable management features to enhance productivity and organization.

  • Office Desk Accessories

    Accessories and organizational tools designed to enhance desk functionality and efficiency, such as desk organizers, cable management solutions, document holders, and ergonomic accessories.

  • Office Furniture

    A broad category encompassing a wide range of furniture designed for office environments, including desks, chairs, storage units, cabinets, shelves, and workstations.

  • Office Furniture Accessories

    Supplementary accessories and add-ons for office furniture, including monitor stands, keyboard trays, privacy screens, task lighting, and ergonomic enhancements.

  • Office Heating and Air Conditioning

    Heating and air conditioning systems and products designed to create a comfortable and conducive working environment, regulating temperature and air quality.

  • Office Interior Design Elements

    Design elements and features specifically tailored for office interiors, including wall treatments, flooring, color schemes, decorative elements, and visual branding.

  • Office Lighting

    Innovative lighting solutions designed for office spaces, providing appropriate illumination levels, reducing eye strain, and promoting a productive and visually appealing atmosphere.

  • Office Modules & Dividers

    Modular systems and dividers designed to create flexible and adaptable office layouts, facilitating collaboration, privacy, and efficient space utilization.

  • Office Partition & Acoustic Systems

    Soundproofing and acoustic solutions designed to reduce noise levels and provide privacy in open office environments, including partitions, panels, and acoustic baffles.

  • Office Reception area

    Design elements and products specific to office reception areas, including reception desks, seating arrangements, waiting area furniture, signage, and branding displays.

  • Office Robotics Appliances

    Robotic devices and appliances designed to automate tasks and improve efficiency in the workplace, such as robotic assistants, automated vacuum cleaners, or smart office systems.

  • Office Sofa

    Comfortable seating options, such as sofas or lounge chairs, designed for office break areas, collaboration spaces, or informal meeting areas, providing relaxation and a welcoming atmosphere.

  • Office Supplies and Stationery

    Essential supplies and stationery items for office use, including pens, paper, notebooks, sticky notes, folders, staplers, and other organizational tools.

  • Office Telecommunications

    Communication tools and equipment designed for office use, including desk phones, conferencing systems, video communication tools, and unified communication solutions.

  • Office Tools

    Tools specifically designed for office tasks and activities, including staplers, hole punchers, paper trimmers, calculators, whiteboards, and document scanners.

  • Other Office Furniture Designs

    Innovative and unique designs for office furniture that do not fall into the other specified categories, including lounge seating, collaborative workstations, and breakout area furniture.

  • 3D Printers and CNC

    3D printers and computer numerical control (CNC) machines designed for office use, allowing for rapid prototyping, small-scale production, and customization of objects.

  • Printers, Scanner / Copier

    Printing, scanning, and copying machines designed for office use, offering high-quality output, efficient document management, and connectivity features.

  • Projectors & Presentation

    Projectors and presentation tools designed for office settings, enabling effective visual presentations, multimedia content sharing, and interactive collaboration.

  • Software Application - Collaboration Design

    Software applications and platforms specifically designed for collaborative work, offering features such as file sharing, real-time editing, project management, and team communication.

  • Software Application - Productivity Design

    Software applications and tools designed to enhance productivity in the workplace, including task management, time tracking, note-taking, and workflow optimization solutions.

  • Other Office Product Designs

    Innovative and unique designs for office products and tools that do not fall into the other specified categories, including ergonomic accessories, office safety products, and digital signage solutions.

  • Mouses

    Computer mice specifically designed for gaming, offering enhanced precision, ergonomic features, and customizable settings for optimal gameplay.

  • 3D Hardware

    Hardware devices designed for 3D gaming experiences, including 3D glasses, virtual reality (VR) headsets, and augmented reality (AR) devices.

  • Headphone & Headsets

    High-quality headphones and headsets designed for gaming, providing immersive audio, noise cancellation, and clear communication features.

  • Joystickers

    Controllers designed for gaming, typically featuring a joystick and buttons, providing precise control and responsiveness for various gaming genres.

  • Mousepad

    Specialized pads or surfaces designed for gaming mice, offering smooth gliding, precise tracking, and optimized sensor performance.

  • Consoles

    Gaming consoles designed for home entertainment, providing a platform to play a wide range of video games with dedicated hardware and user-friendly interfaces.

  • Gamepads

    Controllers designed for console gaming, featuring buttons, triggers, and analog sticks for intuitive gameplay and comfortable control.

  • Gaming Accessories

    Various accessories designed to enhance the gaming experience, including controller grips, console stands, gaming headsets, charging stations, and controller skins.

  • Gaming Appliances

    Specialized appliances designed for gaming experiences, such as gaming chairs, gaming desks, gaming routers, and gaming storage solutions.

  • Gaming Appliances - Rhythm

    Appliances specifically designed for rhythm-based games, including dance pads, drum kits, and musical instrument controllers.

  • Gaming Cases

    Protective cases and covers designed for gaming consoles, handheld gaming devices, or gaming accessories, offering durability and style.

  • Gaming Computers

    High-performance desktop computers or laptops specifically designed for gaming, featuring powerful processors, dedicated graphics cards, and efficient cooling systems.

  • Gaming Keyboards

    Keyboards designed for gaming, offering programmable keys, customizable backlighting, anti-ghosting, and ergonomic designs for enhanced gaming performance.

  • Gaming Microphone

    Microphones designed for gaming and live streaming, offering clear voice communication, noise cancellation, and adjustable settings.

  • Gaming Mobiles

    Mobile devices optimized for gaming, featuring high-resolution screens, powerful processors, and dedicated gaming modes for immersive gaming experiences.

  • Gaming Monitors

    High-resolution monitors with fast refresh rates and low response times, designed for gaming to provide smooth visuals and reduced input lag.

  • Gaming Motion Sensing

    Motion-sensing devices and controllers designed for gaming, enabling gesture-based controls and immersive motion gameplay.

  • Gaming Notebooks/Laptops/Tablet

    Portable devices specifically designed for gaming, offering high-performance components, gaming-focused features, and compact designs for on-the-go gaming.

  • Gaming Shooting

    Accessories and peripherals designed for shooting games, including gun controllers, light guns, and virtual reality shooting accessories.

  • Gaming Speaker

    Speakers designed for gaming setups, delivering high-quality audio and immersive soundscapes for enhanced gaming experiences.

  • Gaming Steering

    Steering wheels and controllers designed for racing games, providing realistic feedback, precise control, and an immersive driving experience.

  • Gaming VR & AR Set

    Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) sets designed for gaming, offering immersive visuals and interactive experiences.

  • Gaming Webcam

    High-quality webcams designed for gaming and live streaming, offering crisp video quality, adjustable settings, and compatibility with popular streaming platforms.

  • VR & AR Equipment

    Equipment and accessories designed for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences, including tracking systems, sensors, and haptic feedback devices.

  • Gamepads

    Controllers designed for console gaming, featuring buttons, triggers, and analog sticks for intuitive gameplay and comfortable control.

  • Other Gaming Designs

    Innovative and unique designs for gaming products that do not fall into the other specified categories, including gaming accessories, gaming peripherals, and gaming-related technologies.

  • Adult Toys

    Toys designed for adult entertainment and leisure activities, including intimate products, sensual accessories, and novelty items.

  • Board Games

    Traditional tabletop games designed for multiple players, typically involving strategic thinking, problem-solving, and social interaction.

  • Card Games

    Games played with a deck of cards, including traditional playing cards, collectible card games (CCGs), and customizable card games (CCGs).

  • Classic Toys

    Timeless toys that have been enjoyed for generations, including marbles, yo-yos, jigsaw puzzles, and spinning tops.

  • Construction Toys

    Toys designed to stimulate creativity and problem-solving skills, such as building blocks, magnetic tiles, and construction sets.

  • DIY/Handmade Toys

    Toys that encourage do-it-yourself (DIY) activities and creativity, often involving crafting, assembly, or customization.

  • Dolls

    Toys representing human figures, including fashion dolls, baby dolls, action figures, and interactive dolls with various features and accessories.

  • Educational Toys

    Toys designed to promote learning and skill development, covering various subjects such as mathematics, science, language, and cognitive skills.

  • Kids Toys

    Toys designed specifically for children, offering entertainment, imaginative play, and developmental benefits appropriate for their age range.

  • Musical Toys

    Toys that incorporate music and sound elements, including musical instruments, toy keyboards, music boxes, and interactive music toys.

  • Outdoor Toys

    Toys designed for outdoor play and activities, including sports equipment, bicycles, skateboards, inflatable structures, and water play toys.

  • Puzzles

    Games and toys that involve solving problems or assembling pieces to form a complete picture or structure, including jigsaw puzzles, brain teasers, and logic puzzles.

  • Remote Control Toys

    Toys controlled remotely through wireless technology, including remote control cars, drones, helicopters, and boats.

  • Robotic Toys

    Toys that incorporate robotic features and functionalities, such as programmable robots, robotic pets, and interactive robot toys.

  • Scientific & Optical Toys

    Toys that introduce scientific principles and optical illusions, including telescopes, microscopes, kaleidoscopes, and science experiment kits.

  • Stuffed Toys

    Soft toys filled with stuffing material, including plush animals, dolls, and character toys that provide comfort and companionship.

  • Teenager Toys

    Toys designed specifically for teenagers, offering entertainment, creative outlets, and leisure activities suited to their interests and preferences.

  • Wooden Toys

    Toys made primarily from wood materials, often featuring natural finishes, durability, and a tactile sensory experience.

  • Other Toy Designs

    Innovative and unique designs for toys that do not fall into the other specified categories, including interactive toys, sensory toys, and unique play experiences.

  • Bikes: Cargo

    Bicycles specifically designed for carrying heavy loads and transporting goods, featuring sturdy frames, cargo racks, and storage compartments.

  • Bikes: City

    Bicycles designed for urban commuting and city riding, offering a comfortable riding position, practical features, and efficient maneuverability.

  • Bikes: Hybrid/commuter

    Versatile bicycles designed for commuting and recreational use, combining elements of road bikes and mountain bikes for a comfortable and efficient riding experience.

  • Bikes: Mountain & Dirt

    Bicycles designed for off-road and trail riding, featuring rugged frames, suspension systems, and specialized components for handling challenging terrains.

  • Bikes: Racing

    Lightweight and aerodynamic bicycles designed for high-speed racing, optimized for performance, speed, and maneuverability.

  • Bikes: Trekking & BMX

    Bicycles designed for long-distance touring or adventure riding, equipped with features for comfort, durability, and versatility. BMX bikes are specifically designed for stunt riding and tricks.

  • Bike Accessories

    Supplementary accessories for bicycles, including lights, locks, fenders, panniers, bike racks, and other add-ons to enhance functionality and safety.

  • E-bikes

    Electric bicycles featuring integrated electric motors and rechargeable batteries, providing assistance to riders and enabling easier and longer rides.

  • Cars: Interiors

    Interior design elements and features of cars, including seating, dashboard layout, infotainment systems, controls, materials, and overall user experience.

  • Cars: Compact

    Small-sized cars designed for efficient urban transportation and maneuverability, offering practicality, fuel efficiency, and comfortable seating for passengers.

  • Cars: Electric

    Cars powered by electric motors and rechargeable batteries, providing zero-emission transportation, energy efficiency, and advanced technology features.

  • Cars: Hybrid

    Cars equipped with both internal combustion engines and electric motors, offering improved fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and regenerative braking systems.

  • Cars: Luxury

    High-end cars designed with luxurious materials, advanced technology features, superior comfort, and sophisticated design elements for a premium driving experience.

  • Cars: Sedan

    Four-door passenger cars with separate compartments for the engine, passengers, and cargo, typically offering comfortable seating for multiple passengers.

  • Cars: Self Driven

    Autonomous or self-driving cars equipped with advanced sensors, cameras, and artificial intelligence systems, capable of navigating and operating without human intervention.

  • Cars: Sport

    High-performance cars designed for speed, agility, and exhilarating driving experiences, often featuring powerful engines, aerodynamic designs, and sport-tuned suspensions.

  • Cars: SUV

    Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) designed for versatility, spaciousness, and off-road capabilities, offering a higher seating position and ample cargo space.

  • Cars Accessories

    Supplementary accessories and add-ons for cars, including floor mats, seat covers, car organizers, entertainment systems, and safety features.

  • Aircrafts / Aerospace

    Innovative designs for aircraft and aerospace vehicles, including airplanes, helicopters, drones, and spacecraft, focusing on aerodynamics, efficiency, and passenger experience.

  • Cargo Ships

    Large vessels designed for transporting goods and cargo across oceans and waterways, offering efficient storage, loading, and unloading capabilities.

  • Passenger Ships

    Ships designed for carrying passengers on oceanic or river cruises, offering comfortable accommodations, entertainment facilities, dining options, and recreational areas.

  • Trains

    Rail transport vehicles, including high-speed trains, commuter trains, and metro systems, designed for efficient and comfortable passenger transportation on tracks.

  • Trams

    Electric or hybrid-powered vehicles that operate on fixed tracks within urban areas, providing public transportation services and reducing traffic congestion.

  • Mass Transportation - Interiors & Accessories

    Interior designs and accessories for mass transportation vehicles, such as buses and trams, focusing on passenger comfort, accessibility, and user experience.

  • Motorcycle Accessories

    Supplementary accessories for motorcycles, including helmets, riding gear, saddlebags, windshields, and aftermarket parts to enhance safety and functionality.

  • Motorcycles Electric

    Motorcycles powered by electric motors and rechargeable batteries, offering emission-free and energy-efficient transportation solutions for urban commuting.

  • Motorcycle Cruisers

    Motorcycles designed for comfortable long-distance cruising, featuring relaxed riding positions, powerful engines, and stylish designs.

  • Motorcycles Sports

    High-performance motorcycles designed for sports and racing, offering exceptional speed, agility, and maneuverability for thrilling riding experiences.

  • Electric Scooters

    Scooters powered by electric motors and batteries, providing convenient and eco-friendly personal transportation for short-distance commuting.

  • Manual Scooters

    Scooters propelled by human power, offering lightweight and portable transportation solutions for short trips and recreational riding.

  • Scooter Accessories

    Supplementary accessories and add-ons for scooters, including helmets, lights, locks, baskets, and other features to enhance safety and convenience.

  • Self-Balancing Scooters

    Scooters equipped with self-balancing technology, such as hoverboards, offering intuitive and gyroscopic control for personal mobility.

  • Watercraft

    Various waterborne vehicles designed for recreational or commercial use, including boats, yachts, jet skis, and other motorized or sail-powered vessels.

  • Canoe

    Narrow and lightweight boats designed for paddling, offering solo or tandem seating and suitable for calm waters, rivers, and lakes.

  • Catamarans

    Multi-hulled watercraft with two parallel hulls, providing stability, spaciousness, and comfort for leisure cruising or racing.

  • Electric Boats

    Boats powered by electric motors and batteries, providing quiet and environmentally friendly transportation options for lakes and inland waterways.

  • Jet Ski

    Personal watercraft designed for recreation and water sports, offering high-speed maneuverability and thrilling experiences on lakes or the ocean.

  • Kayaking, Rafting, Rowing

    Watercraft designed for human-powered propulsion, including kayaks, canoes, rafts, and rowing boats for various water activities.

  • Sail Boats

    Boats powered by wind energy using sails, ranging from small dinghies to large sailing yachts, providing peaceful and environmentally friendly navigation.

  • Surf Board / Wind Surf Board

    Boards designed for riding ocean waves or harnessing wind power for windsurfing, offering exhilarating experiences for water sports enthusiasts.

  • Yachts

    Luxury recreational boats designed for cruising or sailing, featuring comfortable cabins, entertainment areas, and high-end amenities for extended voyages.


    All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) or Utility Task Vehicles (UTVs) designed for off-road use, providing versatile transportation and work capabilities in rugged environments.

  • Mobile Homes and Caravans

    Motorized or towable living spaces designed for travel and temporary accommodations, offering essential amenities and comfort for camping or road trips.

  • Other Commercial Vehicles

    Commercial vehicles designed for specific purposes, such as trucks, vans, buses, and specialized vehicles for logistics, delivery, or public transportation.

  • Other Personal Vehicles

    Personal transportation vehicles that do not fit into the other specified categories, including hoverboards, skateboards, unicycles, and other innovative personal mobility devices.

  • Design for Public Awareness

    Designs that aim to raise awareness about important social or environmental issues, utilizing creative and impactful visuals or communication strategies to inform and engage the public.

  • Design for Social Impact

    Designs that address social challenges and seek to improve the well-being of individuals or communities, focusing on inclusivity, accessibility, and sustainable solutions.

  • Design for The Environment

    Designs that prioritize sustainability and environmental considerations, aiming to reduce carbon footprint, promote recycling and waste reduction, and create eco-friendly solutions.

  • Other Social Designs

    A category encompassing innovative and unique designs for social causes that do not fall into the other specified categories, including community initiatives, campaigns, and interventions.

  • Electronic Testing Equipment

    Devices designed for testing and measuring electronic components, circuits, or systems, ensuring quality control and accuracy in electronics manufacturing and maintenance.

  • Elements

    Designs that explore the use and integration of natural elements, such as water, air, light, and vegetation, in various products and environments, promoting well-being and connection with nature.

  • Energy

    Designs focusing on energy generation, conservation, and efficiency, including renewable energy technologies, energy-saving devices, and smart grid systems.

  • Farming

    Innovative designs for agricultural practices and equipment, aiming to enhance productivity, sustainability, and precision in farming methods, crop cultivation, and animal husbandry.

  • Fitness and Training Products

    Products designed to support physical fitness, exercise, and training regimes, including workout equipment, wearables, fitness trackers, and training aids.

  • Hand Tools & Heavy Equipment

    Designs for manual hand tools and heavy machinery used in industries such as construction, manufacturing, and maintenance, emphasizing efficiency, ergonomics, and safety.

  • Healthcare: Aids / Prosthetics

    Assistive devices and prosthetics designed to enhance mobility, functionality, and quality of life for individuals with disabilities or medical conditions.

  • Healthcare: Design for Elders

    Designs addressing the unique needs and challenges faced by elderly individuals, including products and environments that promote independence, accessibility, and well-being.

  • Healthcare: Robotics Designs

    Innovative designs incorporating robotics technology in healthcare applications, such as surgical robots, assistive robots, and rehabilitation devices.

  • Healthcare: Safety Designs

    Designs focusing on patient and healthcare worker safety, including medical equipment, hospital furniture, infection control systems, and ergonomic designs for healthcare settings.

  • Healthcare: Physical Therapy

    Designs for products and equipment used in physical therapy and rehabilitation, aiming to improve patient outcomes, comfort, and effectiveness of therapy sessions.

  • Healthcare Other Designs

    A category encompassing innovative and unique designs for healthcare products and solutions that do not fall into the other specified categories, including medical devices, diagnostic tools, and healthcare innovations.

  • Inclusive & Equity Social Products

    Designs promoting inclusivity, accessibility, and equity for individuals with diverse abilities, backgrounds, or special needs, aiming to create equal opportunities and positive social impact.

  • Medical Products

    Designs for medical devices, equipment, and instruments used in diagnosis, treatment, and patient care, focusing on accuracy, usability, and patient comfort.

  • Medical Scientific Machinery

    Machinery and equipment used in medical laboratories, research facilities, and scientific settings, enabling precise measurements, analysis, and experimentation.

  • Building Products

    Innovative designs for building materials, construction systems, and architectural elements, emphasizing sustainability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal in the built environment.

  • Plumbing, Water System & Products

    Designs for plumbing systems, water supply systems, and related products, focusing on efficiency, conservation, and water quality.

  • Staircases

    Designs for staircases, considering aesthetics, safety, and ergonomics, and exploring unique and innovative approaches to staircase design.

  • Windows, doors

    Designs for windows and doors, aiming to optimize natural light, ventilation, security, and energy efficiency, while considering aesthetic integration with the architectural context.

  • Designer Lighting

    Outstanding, innovative lighting designs that marry aesthetics and functionality.

  • Outdoor Lighting

    Outdoor lighting is the illumination of outdoor spaces for safety, security, and aesthetics.

  • Other Building Designs

    Innovative and unique designs for building-related products and solutions that do not fall into the other specified categories, including interior design elements, façade systems, and structural innovations.

  • Energy Conservation Equipment

    Designs for energy-saving devices and equipment that help reduce energy consumption and promote efficient use of resources in various applications.

  • Geothermal Energy System

    Designs for systems that harness the heat from the Earth's interior for heating, cooling, or power generation, utilizing sustainable geothermal energy.

  • Off-grid Home Design

    Designs for self-sufficient homes that operate independently from the traditional power grid, incorporating renewable energy sources, water conservation, and sustainable materials.

  • Recycling Equipment

    Innovative designs for equipment and machinery used in recycling processes, promoting efficient waste management, and the recovery of valuable resources.

  • Residential Sustainable Design

    Designs for sustainable residential buildings, considering energy efficiency, renewable energy integration, sustainable materials, and environmentally friendly construction practices.

  • Solar Power panels

    Designs for solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity, providing a clean and renewable energy source for various applications.

  • Solar Battery Bank Design, Power Storage

    Designs for battery systems that store solar energy for later use, enabling reliable power supply and enhancing the efficiency of solar energy systems.

  • Solar Powered Appliances

    Designs for appliances and devices that operate on solar power, reducing reliance on traditional electricity sources and promoting sustainable living.

  • Tankless Water Heating (sustainable heat recovery system)

    Designs for water heating systems that operate without a storage tank, providing hot water on demand and utilizing sustainable heat recovery technologies.

  • Urban Sustainable Design

    Designs for sustainable urban solutions, including infrastructure, buildings, transportation systems, and public spaces that promote eco-friendly and livable cities.

  • Water filtration System

    Designs for water filtration and purification systems that ensure access to clean and safe drinking water, addressing water scarcity and contamination challenges.

  • Water Storage Solution

    Designs for sustainable water storage solutions, such as rainwater harvesting systems or innovative water storage devices, promoting water conservation and efficient usage.

  • Alternative Energy Source Products

    Designs for products that utilize alternative energy sources beyond traditional fossil fuels, such as wind, biomass, tidal, or hydrogen power.

  • Energy Saving Materials

    Innovative designs for materials with energy-saving properties, such as insulation materials, reflective coatings, or phase-change materials, contributing to energy-efficient buildings and products.

  • Sustainable and Green Other Products

    Innovative and unique designs for sustainable and green products that do not fall into the other specified categories, considering environmental impact, resource conservation, and sustainable manufacturing practices.

  • Sustainable Automotive & Transport Products

    Designs for environmentally friendly vehicles and transportation solutions, focusing on energy efficiency, low emissions, and sustainable materials.

  • Sustainable Conceptual Designs

    Conceptual designs that explore innovative ideas and solutions for sustainability across various product categories, pushing the boundaries of eco-friendly design.

  • Sustainable Consumer Electronics Products

    Designs for consumer electronic devices that prioritize energy efficiency, recyclability, and the use of sustainable materials throughout the product lifecycle.

  • Sustainable Educational Products

    Designs for educational products and tools that promote environmental awareness, sustainability literacy, and eco-friendly practices among learners.

  • Sustainable Event Products

    Designs for products used in events and gatherings that prioritize sustainability, such as reusable event structures, eco-friendly decorations, or waste management solutions.

  • Sustainable Families & Kids Products

    Designs for sustainable products targeted at families and children, considering safety, eco-friendly materials, and promoting sustainable habits and values.

  • Sustainable Food & Beverage Products

    Designs for sustainable food packaging, storage solutions, kitchen tools, or farming equipment that contribute to reducing food waste and promoting sustainable food practices.

  • Sustainable Hobby & Sports Products

    Designs for sustainable products and equipment used in hobbies and sports activities, considering eco-friendly materials, energy efficiency, and environmental impact.

  • Sustainable Home Products

    Designs for sustainable home products, including furniture, appliances, lighting, and other household items that prioritize energy efficiency, resource conservation, and eco-friendly materials.

  • Sustainable Industrial Products

    Designs for sustainable products and solutions in industrial settings, considering energy efficiency, waste reduction, and eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

  • Sustainable Outdoor Products

    Designs for outdoor products and equipment that promote sustainable outdoor experiences, considering eco-friendly materials, durability, and environmental impact.

  • Sustainable Packaging Design Products

    Designs for eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions, aiming to reduce waste, utilize recyclable materials, and promote responsible consumption.

  • Sustainable Personal Products

    Designs for sustainable personal care products, such as cosmetics, toiletries, or hygiene products, emphasizing natural ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, and ethical production practices.

  • Sustainable Pets Products

    Designs for eco-friendly and sustainable products for pets, considering their well-being, safety, and environmental impact, such as pet toys, accessories, or sustainable pet food packaging.

  • Sustainable Toys, Games & Leisure Products

    Designs for sustainable toys, games, and leisure products that prioritize eco-friendly materials, promote imaginative play, and environmental awareness.

  • Sustainable Work & Office Products

    Designs for sustainable products and solutions for work and office environments, including furniture, lighting, office supplies, and energy-efficient office equipment.

  • Outdoor Exercise Equipment

    Designs for exercise equipment suitable for outdoor environments, promoting physical fitness, accessibility, and sustainable materials.

  • Outdoor Furniture

    Designs for outdoor furniture that combines aesthetics, comfort, and durability while considering sustainable materials, eco-friendly manufacturing, and resistance to outdoor conditions.

  • Outdoor Sports Activities

    Designs for sports equipment and gear used in outdoor activities, considering performance, safety, and sustainable materials.

  • Trekking & Camping

    Designs for equipment and gear used in hiking and camping adventures, emphasizing lightweight, durable, and eco-friendly materials suitable for outdoor exploration.

  • Habitats and Bedding

    Designs for comfortable and functional habitats and bedding solutions for pets, providing them with a cozy and secure space to rest and relax.

  • Pet Carriers

    Designs for pet carriers that prioritize comfort, safety, and convenience during travel or transportation, ensuring a secure and stress-free experience for both pets and owners.

  • Pet Clothing

    Designs for clothing and accessories specifically designed for pets, considering their comfort, style, and protection in various weather conditions or specific activities.

  • Pet Collars & Leashes

    Designs for collars and leashes that ensure the safety and control of pets during walks or outdoor activities, combining durability, comfort, and aesthetic appeal.

  • Pet Feeding & Treats

    Designs for innovative and practical feeding solutions for pets, including bowls, feeders, and treat dispensers that promote healthy eating habits and provide interactive experiences.

  • Pet Grooming

    Designs for grooming tools and products that make pet grooming sessions efficient, comfortable, and enjoyable, considering the specific needs of different breeds and coat types.

  • Pet Health & Cleaning

    Designs for products that promote pet health and hygiene, such as dental care solutions, ear cleaners, eye care products, and odor control solutions, ensuring the well-being of pets and a clean living environment.

  • Pet Safety

    Designs for safety products and devices that protect pets from potential hazards, including safety gates, car seat restraints, life jackets, and reflective accessories for increased visibility.

  • Pet Supplies: Other Designs

    Innovative and unique designs for pet care products that do not fall into the other specified categories, such as innovative waste management solutions, pet training aids, or personalized pet accessories.

  • Pet Toys

    Designs for toys and play products that engage pets mentally and physically, promoting exercise, stimulation, and bonding between pets and their owners.

  • Fitness Accessories

    Designs for accessories that enhance fitness activities, such as fitness trackers, smartwatches, resistance bands, yoga mats, and other items that support and optimize workout routines.

  • Fitness Equipment

    Designs for equipment used in fitness training and exercise, including treadmills, ellipticals, weight machines, free weights, and other devices that provide opportunities for cardio, strength, and flexibility workouts.

  • Hobbies Products

    Designs for products that cater to specific hobbies or recreational activities, such as art supplies, musical instruments, photography equipment, gardening tools, or other items that support and enhance hobbyist pursuits.

  • Sports Equipment

    Designs for equipment used in various sports activities, including balls, racquets, bats, helmets, protective gear, and other gear that ensures safety, performance, and enjoyment in sports.

  • Eco-Friendly Event Catering Products

    Designs for catering products and supplies used in events that prioritize sustainability and eco-friendliness, such as compostable or reusable dinnerware, biodegradable serving utensils, and environmentally friendly food packaging.

  • Event Accessories

    Designs for various accessories used in events to enhance aesthetics, functionality, or branding, including event signage, lanyards, badges, wristbands, table centerpieces, and other decorative or functional elements.

  • Event Catering Supplies

    Designs for supplies and equipment specifically used in event catering, such as chafing dishes, food warmers, beverage dispensers, serving trays, and other products that facilitate food service and presentation.

  • Event Decoration

    Designs for decorative elements and installations used to create an engaging and visually appealing ambiance in events, including backdrops, banners, floral arrangements, lighting fixtures, and other decorative accents.

  • Event Devices

    Designs for technological devices used in events to enhance the attendee experience, such as event registration systems, ticketing solutions, crowd management tools, RFID wristbands, and other event-related technologies.

  • Event Furniture

    Designs for furniture and seating arrangements used in events, including chairs, tables, lounges, podiums, and other functional and stylish furniture pieces that provide comfort and support the event's theme and purpose.

  • Event Lighting Design

    Designs for innovative lighting solutions that create impactful and dynamic lighting effects in events, including decorative lighting fixtures, LED installations, stage lighting setups, and other lighting designs that enhance the overall atmosphere.

  • Exhibition & Trade Fair Products

    Designs for products and supplies specifically used in exhibition booths and trade fair setups, including display stands, modular exhibition systems, signage, interactive displays, and other tools that effectively showcase products and engage attendees.

  • Beverage Receptacles

    Designs for receptacles used for serving and consuming beverages, such as cups, glasses, mugs, bottles, and other vessels that are specifically designed to enhance the drinking experience and showcase aesthetic appeal.

  • Beverage: Other Designs

    Iinnovative and unique designs for beverage-related products that do not fall into the other specified categories, such as innovative beverage dispensers, infusion devices, or specialized beverage accessories.

  • Catering Equipment

    Designs for equipment used in professional catering services, including cooking appliances, food preparation tools, refrigeration units, warming cabinets, and other equipment that enables efficient and high-quality food service.

  • Catering Supplies

    Designs for supplies and accessories used in catering services, including serving utensils, trays, platters, buffet displays, and other products that facilitate food presentation, serving, and dining experiences.

  • Disposable & Eco-Friendly Catering Supplies

    Designs for single-use or disposable catering supplies that prioritize eco-friendliness and sustainability, such as biodegradable or compostable plates, cutlery, food containers, and packaging materials.

  • Food Receptacles

    Designs for receptacles used for serving and storing food, such as bowls, plates, food containers, and packaging solutions that are specifically designed to optimize food freshness, presentation, and convenience.

  • Automotive & Transport Product Design

    Innovative and visionary concepts in automotive and transportation, including futuristic vehicle designs, alternative energy-powered vehicles, mobility solutions, and transportation systems.

  • Consumer Electronics Product Design

    Conceptual consumer electronic products including innovative gadgets, wearable devices, smart home solutions, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) products, and other cutting-edge electronic concepts.

  • Eco Design Products

    Conceptual products that prioritize sustainability, environmental responsibility, and eco-friendly practices, including innovative solutions for energy conservation, waste reduction, recycling, renewable energy, and sustainable materials.

  • Educational Product Design

    Conceptual products that aim to enhance and transform the educational experience, including interactive learning tools, educational games, immersive e-learning platforms, innovative teaching aids, and educational technology concepts.

  • Event Product Design

    Conceptual products and experiences that enhance and innovate the event industry, including immersive event technologies, interactive installations, event management platforms, and futuristic event concepts.

  • Families & Kids Product Design

    Conceptual products that cater to the needs and well-being of families and children, including innovative parenting solutions, child-friendly products, educational toys and games, family-oriented technology concepts, and interactive family experiences.

  • Food & Beverage Product Design

    Conceptual products in the food and beverage industry, including sustainable food packaging, futuristic kitchen appliances, innovative food preparation tools, and conceptual dining experiences.

  • Hobby & Sports Product Design

    Conceptual products that enhance and transform hobby and sports activities, including innovative sports equipment, futuristic fitness gadgets, cutting-edge hobbyist tools, and conceptual sports experiences.

  • Home Product Design

    Conceptual products that revolutionize the home environment, including futuristic home appliances, smart home solutions, space-saving furniture concepts, innovative home decor, and sustainable home products.

  • Industrial Product Design

    Conceptual products that push the boundaries of industrial design, including innovative manufacturing processes, industrial machinery, equipment, and tools, and conceptual industrial solutions for various sectors.

  • Interface Product Design

    Conceptual user interfaces and interaction design concepts, including innovative user experiences, intuitive interfaces, wearable interfaces, augmented reality interfaces, and other visionary interface concepts.

  • Outdoor Product Design

    Conceptual products that enhance outdoor experiences, including innovative outdoor gear, camping equipment, sustainable outdoor solutions, and futuristic outdoor technologies.

  • Personal Product Design

    Conceptual products that cater to personal needs and well-being, including wearable technologies, health and wellness products, personal grooming concepts, and innovative lifestyle products.

  • Pets Product Design

    Conceptual products that cater to the needs and well-being of pets, including innovative pet accessories, pet care technologies, smart pet solutions, and futuristic pet experiences.

  • Toys, Games & Leisure Product Design

    Conceptual toys, games, and leisure products that ignite imagination, creativity, and entertainment, including interactive toys, educational games, futuristic leisure experiences, and innovative play concepts.

  • Work & Office Product Design

    Conceptual products that enhance productivity and transform the work and office environment, including innovative office furniture, smart office technologies, ergonomic solutions, and futuristic work concepts.

Deadlines & Fees

The International Design Awards invites product designers and design teams to submit conceptual, in-progress or completed work. Entries may be submitted by any company or individual involved in the creation or production of the project, including designers, the firm, manufacturer, and clients.

30 MAY

Early Bird Deadline

-10% Discount


Extended Earlybird

-5% Discount


Regular Deadline


Final Deadline

15 November

Extended Final Deadline













* Multiple entries must be paid at the same time as your first entry in order to be counted as “additional entries”. An entry paid at a later time will be counted as a “first entry”.
** You may submit an entry into multiple categories at the same time but must be in the same disciplines. The first Category will be charged as per the original submission fee. Additional categories (2 or more) will be charged at 50% in the same discipline.

You may choose to pay online via PayPal or Credit Card.
Please note that entry fees are non-refundable. Also, once your submission fee is paid, you will NOT be able to edit or change your entries.
Once you have paid your submission fee, your entry is complete. There are no hidden expenses further down the line. Winners will not be charged any additional fees for publication, publicity, or the IDA trophy.


Work submitted must have been created within the last 5 years.

Awards Titles


The product design of the year winner will receive publication of his/her work in the International Design Awards Book of Designs, to be distributed to museum bookstores internationally; promotion in a newsletter to 100,000 design professionals and potential clients worldwide; year-long coverage on the International Design Awards website; and critical acclaim by our distinguished panel of judges. He/she will also receive the IDA certificate of achievements and winners seal to use it online announcing his/her winning, along with a personalized press release and the IDA awards winning stainless steel trophy.


This award will be awarded to a student who has demonstrated devotion to elevating the art of product design. He/she will receive publication of his/her work in the IDA Book of Designs, to be distributed to museum bookstores nationwide; promotion in an newsletter to 100,000 design professionals and potential clients worldwide; year-long coverage on the International Design Awards website; and critical acclaim by our distinguished panel of judges.

Prizes and Promotions

The Winner of the Product Design of the Year Award will receive the coveted IDA trophy and be highlighted on the main page of the IDA website and published in all our social media platforms throughout the coming year.

Along with all the sub-category winners, they will also receive a Winner Certificate, Winner Seal, and a personalised press release to use for promotional purposes. All the winning designs will also be featured in the Annual IDA Book of Design.

Our winners will receive extensive publicity all throughout the following year, showcasing their designs to a worldwide audience. They will be promoted on the IDA website in the Winners Gallery and in IDA Newsletters sent out to 100,000 design industry professionals and potential clients.

Winners will also be listed in the IDA online Design Directory, making it easier for them to be reached by potential customers.


to over 100,000 design professionals, press and potential clients worldwide.


inclusion, with contact information of all IDA winners, and on the IDA website Gallery of Winning Work.


The IDA Book of Designs is distributed through Art Publishers and Dubb Publications around the world.


A handsome certificate to promote your winning.


Promote your winnings on the website and all your printed material.

Submission Details

1. Click “submit” to create a free membership and password. If you are already a member, log in.

2. Fill in the simple online submission form–remember you can select multiple categories for each entry.

3. Upload the images for your entry. (Repeat the first 3 steps if you have multiple entries.)

4. The final step is to pay your submission fees.

Up to ten images (JPG/PDF) and one PDF can be submitted per entry—For best results, make sure your images are a jpg/png file cropped to a 4:3 format, are at least 1000px wide, and no larger than 4MB. Size for PDF files: Please save as “screen view” and limit it to only six pages per file, maximum 4 MB.

Entries should include as much detail as possible, including images of each side of the product and usage.

Entries can be submitted as completed, in-process, or conceptual works. Projects completed more than five years before the time of submission are not eligible for submission.

Description of the project should be limited to 600 characters or less.