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Architect, Designer, Curator & Consultant in Eco-Design & Social Impact Initiatives /

Carolina Tinoco Franco- Venezuelan architect with 25+ years of multidisciplinary expertise, is dedicated to impactful and regenerative projects in ecological transition and social innovation.

As part of AMHABITAT in 1998, she pioneered the “Physical Habilitation of Non-Controlled Settlements” methodology—a human-centered urban participatory experience soon to be compiled in an upcoming book.

In 2004, Carolina founded Barbarella—an iconic event and design agency celebrated for its playful upcycling approach. In 2007, she established ECODAR eco design and art, fostering ecological awareness through education.

Notably, she has participated in exhibitions including “Ciudad Experimental” at the Seventh Biennal of  la Habana in 2000, Biennale BID Madrid 2012, and “New Territories: Laboratories for Design Craft and Art in Latin America” at the MAD Museum in NY.

Her impact-driven approach extends across diverse roles as an architect, designer, curator, educator, author, speaker, and consultant.

In Paris, 2017 marked her curation of the exhibition “Nouvelles Vies: Upcycling, Recycling, and Eco Conception.” In 2020, as a consultant, she spearheaded the prospective study “Disruption towards a Sustainable Design,” resulting in 5 trend books showcasing 100 innovative projects in France. This endeavor culminated in curating the exhibition “Design x Durable x Desirable” at Le French Design.

Committed to her overarching goal, Carolina utilizes her multidisciplinary experience, multicultural adaptability, and creative ethical and aesthetic drive. She employs her connecting and communication skills to create positive impact and nurture a regenerative future, aiming to enhance the quality of life through conscious creation and purposeful design with an artistic dimension.