Architect, Designer, Curator, Consultant & Mentor in Regeneration & Social Impact projects / Chairwoman, Creative Women Platform

Carolina is a creative entrepreneur who has cultivated a multi-disciplinary practice as a conscious and purposeful urban designer, architect, curator, interior and furniture designer. She is an International Mentor of Red Global Mentors, a GRIT Star Coach-Mentor and the Chairperson for the Creative Women platform in France.

She originally graduated as an Architect at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. From there she participated in the design team for a program Upgrading Urban Settlements where 60% of the population lived in disadvantaged conditions.  This program impacted 51 cities, 300 communities and improved the lives of more than 2 million habitants in Venezuela.

In 2002 she founded and directed Barbarella – which became an iconic, innovative artistic event and design agency using a playful methodology incorporating up-cycled furniture and artistic design concepts.

At the same time Carolina founded and co-directed ECODAR 3 – an ecological design and art NGO with a mission focussing on three R’s – Reducing, Reusing and Recycling to create awareness and educational design solutions to impact and incentivize change.  These programs reached more than 150 Schools initiating the ECOLAB pilot with a workshop schedule impacting 120,000 people in the Chacao community in Caracas.

Carolina has participated in numerous exhibitions as an artist/designer and curated several architectural, design and art exhibitions including a sustainable design and artistic exhibition called Nouvelles Vies at Le French Design by VIA in Paris.

She is an active researcher in sustainable design practices working alongside scientists, experts, thought leaders and influential design visionaries to identify and present innovations which further sustainable development initiatives.

Her aim is to enhance the quality of life through conscious creation and purposeful design with an artistic dimension.