Face Top Clinic

Lead DesignerMahdi Fakhimi
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Prize(s)3rd Place in Interior Design / Renovation
Entry Description

This project is located in an apartment with area of 88 m2 on the second floor of a building in Mirdamad Street, Tehran and it was previously used as printing and photocopy services technical office according to the photos enclosed herewith and its use should be changed into cosmetic surgery Consultation Clinic.
After the field studies in the previous clinic place and designing the questionnaire and interviewing with patients and clients, we found that this reason was the perfect cause of this design style. We noticed that all clients came to this cosmetic surgery clinic for examination and consultation before surgery and for consultation and examination after surgery. Therefore, there were extensive anxiety and stress resulting from the nature and manner of this process and benign or malign cosmetic surgery on their face in waiting room and among the patients. Hence, design of this project started to reduce stress and anxiety and also inspire patients with comfort. On this basis, destruction of all blades and internal walls due to need of the formulated project for accurate implementation of the physical program and redesign of the internal micro spaces based on continuous surface method and use of lines and curve surfaces instead of sharp and angled lines and also utilization of mild cold color (blue, gray and white) as the main tone of space and also prevention from direct, point and even local lighting and selection of layered and hidden lighting without any visibility of lamp and lighting source which cause phenomenon of glaring so that only while uniform surfaces of the ceiling are considered as light reflective elements were considered as topics of design theory of this project.


Born on September 13, 1980, in Iran, Mehdi Fakhimi got a Master’s degree in Architectural Engineering. After having been graduated, he started his professional career while teaching at Tehran conservatories and could receive a prize from the mayor of Tehran in the first year of his professional career
He founded his first company named “Ideh-Pardazan Akad Group” in 2008 and continued his professional activity in three domains of architecture, interior design, and graphic in a legal framework.
He who was writing his first book under the title of “Interior Design─From Architecture to Interior Decoration” at that time, was greeted with open arms of people, the students of interior design from universities of Iran, in particular, just after its publication. Such welcoming led to reprinting of his book in a short time. Afterward, he summoned to teach at Tehran Soore University as well as international branch of Tehran University located in Kish Island.
In 2011, he inaugurated his second office called “Maan Honar Armani” while his second book under the title of “Architecture & Urban Tele-democratic”, derived from his master thesis, set out to market.
Having born the excessive job preoccupation due to managing more than one hundred project works, Fakhimi resigned from teaching in 2013 and only worked as a supervisor and advisor for those students who were avidly looking forward to benefit from his knowledge for their theses. His assistance led to the student’s highest theses scores ever with A−star level in university history.