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Lead DesignersYaw-Shin Liao (Oscar)
ClientYaw-Shin Liao
Prize(s)Silver in Other Products Designs / Other Products designs
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Entry Description

"Slimmer TVs should enable packaging at least that much
slimmer, but that's rather unambitious” said Mr. Nemoto in
Sony Packaging. Sony had tried to reduce their TV package
over the years but reaches to its limits due to current package
limitation. That… is where AIRPCS come in.

“Light as Air, protective as iron” – AIRPCS (the air inflatable
cushioning system)

AIRPCS TV Pack for TV Packaging is a revolution breakthrough
of the traditional packaging. Use purely nature compressed air
to inflate with predesigned AIRPCS to create different shape
and sizes. Our average customers can save over 15~25% of
total cost by implemented AIRPCS packaging system. AIRPCS
is not just lighter, it also helps customer to save package cost,
space, logistic, and Environment.

AIRPCS TV Pack used unique one-way valve to create
independent air column for packaging protection and adopt
“Hammock” design and crossover air column for corner caps
to reinforce protection during drop impact. (US Patent NO.
7,631,762) This design had pass customer’s request drop test
standard to insure TV arrive its destination safe and sound.
(70cm Drop test, vibration test, 40000 ft high altitude test,
actual shipping test, and high temperature chamber test…
Moreover, even few air chambers accidently damage (deflate)
AIRPCS TV Pack still can provide enough protection which
already been verify by customer’s test procedure.

In Environment point of view, AIRPCS is made out of PE and
PA and belong to plastic recycle NO.7 (other), which fully
comply with RoHS standard. Garbage volume is 70% smaller
(after release of air), and reduces 37% of CO2 emission
compare to traditional package such as EPS, EPE, and Molded

AIRPCS TV Pack is a new era for TV that offers the industry
more environmental friendly packaging with over 20% of total
cost reduction, deliver excellent protection, and achieves
slimmer package.