Bloom En Provence

Lead Designer
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Prize(s)1st Place in Print / Packaging
Entry Description

The challenge of this project is to create a new luxury make up collection for an chosen cosmetic brand, which is L’Occitane En Provence. Being a luxury brand with long history, L’Occitane values simple goods from nature, as well as to preserve and to carry on, which they believe this gives the brand its life force. The new cosmetic collection, Bloom, is to celebrate the beauty of nature through the form of their products and through the use of natural ingredients; inspired by nature, the packaging of Bloom contains an element of surprise. The logo of Bloom was modified from typeface Garamond, which is also carry though its mother brand. The inspiration of forms are natural elements and vintage figures, which are inspirations associate its mother brand, L’Occitane. In order to reinforce the idea of using natural ingredients in the cosmetic products, the shape of the caps were featured by flower petal, with philosophy of natural fibonacci number involved. For color choices of products, brown represents soil and earth, pink for flower as natural involvement and white for its purity. The folding of the box is economical, therefore, reduces waste and cost. The flower inspired folding protects products firmly by locking the bottle within the structure when its shipped. The box is locked by a simple hook, when it's unwrapped, the box spreads out like the blooming of the flower. Finally, audience sees the image of the whole flower, which reminds people the original design concept behinds Bloom. There is no second layer of protection needed, and the template of box made out by one sheet of paper stock which is also cost effective. A soft touched paper for the box represents the softness of petal.