Lead Designer
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Our team got involved in the project about a year after the architect had been hired by the clients. This penthouse is a chateau that sits on top of an early skyscraper in downtown New York City. As historic as the outside of the house is, the inside is clean, modern, and chiseled. The architectural finishes we selected were clean and white which meant we had to work even harder to create a warm atmosphere and make it feel like “home.”

We concentrated color in very specific areas - the kitchen eating area has a green custom table with bright green Saarinen chairs around it. The wall installation made up of green plates was designed by our team and finishes off the area perfectly.

The living room just off the stark white open kitchen is an enormous space with 45’ high ceilings. We keep all the furnishing a soft off-white and used texture to create interest. A wildly tufted sofa keeps company with a simple straight-forward modern one and the plush shag rug helps define the space and keeps things cozy. Combinations of leather, wool, and cashmere all in the same cream shade pull it all together

Within the living room’s “celestial space” is a floating structure which we call “the nest” The architect created this space as a place for the clients to be able to relax privately. We upholstered this space in a wild over-sized floral fabric which was intended to be a bit “over the top” and “tongue in cheek.”

The colors within the home were very carefully selected since so much of the home is open and visible from various vantage points. So although we needed to keep things interesting and different they all had to work together as a whole.