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PayPal Here,  | International Design Awards Winners
PayPal Here,  | International Design Awards Winners
PayPal Here,  | International Design Awards Winners
PayPal Here,  | International Design Awards Winners

PayPal Here

Lead Designers
Prize(s)Bronze in Other Products Designs / Other Products designs
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Entry Description

Mobile payment is changing the landscape of traditional commerce and creating new social interactions around payment. The PayPal Here, an innovative credit card reader, brings the leader in online payment, and the ease and simplicity of PayPal’s online platform, to the real world.

With the PayPal Here, the goal was to create an ecosystem where all elements are clear, consistent and easy to use. Because PayPal has an established presence in the world of e-payments, Here needed to remain true to their overall image, while being a disruptive product and system in the mobile payment market. From the product to packaging, logo to name, the PayPal Here expresses its real-world presence and anywhere-anytime possibilities.

The PayPal Here arrow is a symbol for easy payment, symbolizing how payments are processed and sent on to the cloud in a physical way. The layering on the product mimics PayPal’s two-tone brand coloring, while also immediately indicating the product’s functionality. The offset surface on the card reader easily identifies the credit card swiping track for the user. The front triangle is also an innovative drop down lock that keeps the device in place during use, preventing annoying swiveling that could interrupt the reading. The width of the device is specifically engineered to read enough of the card for a successful transaction each time, instead of having to run the payment over and over again. Here fits comfortably on top of a smartphone, and also works on various tablets.

A perfect companion for small businesses and big companies alike, PayPal Here is changing the way we approach mobile payments. Through its distinct design and ecosystem, it serves as a brand flag for PayPal in the everyday real world.