Lead Designer
ClientFarnaz Mansuri
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Prize(s)1st Place in Interior Design / Commercial
Entry Description

Chocolate Reimaged: Interactive Display and Storage Wall

Xocolatti is a new premium chocolate brand, with its first flagship location in New York
City's Soho. Designed by De-Spec inc. Xocolatti defines itself as a luxury chocolate -
"Chocolate reimagined" and is planning to have multiple locations nationally and
De-Spec's concept for the 150sq ft space lies in eliminating the traditional barriers of a
storefront and window display instead creating an interactive vitrine-like space that
seamlessly integrates with the streetscape.
The walls are lined with custom-designed, floor-to-ceiling bronze shelving systems that
are based on the multiple variations of the different sizes of the green and brown
chocolate boxes. The wall acting as both STORAGE and DISPLAY permit multiple graphic
patterns, bold and iconic.
Customers, daily, choose their favorite chocolate boxes and take it out of the wall
resulting in multiple patterns at the end of each day making every day unique. This
interaction between customer and display provides an animating narrative to the
presentation of the store throughout the day with an insightful discovery for the owners
as the largest gaps in the wall indicates the favorite flavors of the day.
For the materials of the project, De-Spec chose Bronze as it has the richer brown color
inspiring more artisanal and luxury chocolates. De-Spec invited Exit creative to
collaborate on the brand identity and together, the two firms created the glowing light
boxes featuring each product. This layer of information over the neutrality of the grid
enables the customer a more clear reading of their options and flavors.
De-spec acted as both designer and builder and was able to put together a very strong team
of craftsman to produce and install the new display system and its components using CNC,
Laser cutting and casting of various metal works throughout the project.