Skyhigh Creative Partners

Lead Designer
Prize(s)2nd Place in Interior Design / Institutional
Entry Description

St. James’ Settlement, a non-government organization collaborated with Commercial Radio Hong Kong, to set up a new training and employment program “Skyhigh Creative Partners”, to realize the intrinsic talents of young people for the creative industry.

It was decided that this workshop is to be housed within an existing disused carpark with a very low ceiling height.

The challenge was to create a space that can accommodate a group of people, offering the environment to teach, learn and produce creative works, yet not bored them with the typical institutional settings.

All the columns are absorbed behind slanted walls, and the low ceilings were shielded with a layer of hexagonal perforated ceiling skin that functioned not only as a source of lighting but also a surface to define the space underneath, offering added depth visually. The original structural grid has been made disappeared.

The entrance, reception, as well as the alignment of the perimeter walls were decided in response to the main access to the site as it must deliver impact while retaining an element of surprise by not revealing all.

Essentially a deep plan, daylight became extremely precious in most areas. Walls, when connected to rooms on the perimeter, were opened wherever possible with transparent glazing so that the daylight can still be diffused into the central area.

Other than the more formal seminar space for live broadcast, recording studios, band room, the client requested for some informal space which can operate as cluster, where the instructor can have a closer working relationship with the apprentice. Hexagonal spaces made up of plexiglas were created to contain different program such as music making and editing, film and animation production, graphic and visual art design.

Experimentation with different use of materials has been adopted at various ends.


SLHO & ASSOCIATES LTD. is an award winning design firm based in Hong Kong with international exposure. The team here aims to provide design solutions that are appropriate, innovative yet cost effective and non-conforming to mediocrity.

We believe architecture, interior design and urban planning are part problem solving, part anticipating the psychological perception the future users will experience, part questioning, re-evaluating the generally accepted norm, and part pushing the envelope of what architecture is about, providing a solution that will evolve with time.

Awards and Prize

HKIA Annual Awards 2015 – Winner for Special Architectural Award for “The Camphora”

FX Awards 2014, London, UK – Finalist: Institutional

International Design Awards 2012/ 13, Los Angeles, US – GOLD Award in Interior: Institutional

International Design Awards 2011/ 12, Los Angeles, US – Silver Award in Interior: Institutional

HKDA Global Design Awards 2011 – Silver Award for St. James’ Settlement Community Centre

HKDA Global Design Awards 2011 – Hong Kong Best Award for St. James’ Settlement Community Centre

FX Awards 2011, UK – Finalist “Assembled Topology”

Perspective Annual Award 2011 – Certificate of Excellence for Furniture “Assembled Topology”

Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards 2010 – EXCELLENT certificate for St. James’ Settlement Community Centre

“40 under 40” Asia Top Young Design Talents, awarded to Mr. Douglas HO

HKIA Annual Awards 2008 – Winner for Special Architectural Award on A&A works for the Skyhigh Creative Partners Media Laboratory

HKDA Asia Design Awards 2009 – Bronze Award