Lead Designer
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Virtuo is a modern jukebox for bars and nightclubs that provides customers access to millions of songs, games, and karaoke hits, connecting patrons with the music and entertainment they love and reinvigorating the social experience of listening to music. More than just a music player, Virtuo offers a robust advertising platform that includes banner displays, full screen static billboards, and video track loops. The design team’s challenge in creating Virtuo was to reinvent a cultural icon while avoiding the clichés of digital signage. Virtuo’s fun, almost game-like interface comes in a sleek, industrial design housing which can be customized through color and lighting effects to make the experience feel more personal and tailored. Users can search and explore songs in a 3D contextual web that links genre, chronology, influence, and geography. An LED array above the interface screen and ambient lighting effects help attract users to the jukebox while still allowing it to blend in with a location’s existing environment. This works to draw the user’s focus first to the screen interaction and the signature Play button, and then to the touchpoints around the credit card and bill collector slots. The sloping sides enhance the screen image and visually minimize its size, while the slightly angled, landscape-format touchscreen promotes a “shoulder to shoulder” experience for users who are standing in front of the jukebox. Cutting-edge and state-of-the-art, Virtuo is the premium hub for out-of-home digital entertainment and advertising.