Dolcela Instant Muffin's Add

Lead Designer
Prize(s)2nd Place in Print / Posters
Entry Description

The assignement: find and advertise an inherent quality of the Dolcela Instant Muffins product and try to follow the brand image and atmosphere (homely and inviting)

The basic idea: No need to waste time shopping for a bunch of stuff and no need to mess up the whole kitchen with the ingredients. All the ingredients you need are in one box.

The solution: Use all the ingredients you would have to use, if you we're not making the muffins with the Instant Muffin Product, to create a "creative mess" that usually appears in the kitchen when baking and that takes a huge amount of time to clean up.

Headline: If only i didn't have to use so many ingredien--
(The headline is interrupted by a jumble of ingredients on top of which sits the alternative - the Instant Muffin product)

Additional Copy on City lights and Print Add: All the ingredients you need, in one box!

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