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Prize(s)Silver in Home Interior Products / Kitchen Appliances
Entry Description

PURE - water saver fruits-vegetables purifier and dryer
20th century has been an era in which environmental problems have reached the highest levels, natural orders have been damaged irrevocably and water resources have diminished radically. These situations while on one side point to the daily problems, on the other hand show the fact that a resourceless future awaits us. Population of the world is increasing day by day, and the efficient use of water sources are becoming a global problem. This leads us to another problem at hand, which is the efficiency of the water that inhome users spend on daily practical necessities.
With these problems in mind, Pure has been developed as a design solution with an aesthetic form, easier and standardized user interface. Pure aims to compensate cleaning and drying fruits-vegetables, which is a frequent kitchen do, with limited amount of resources via cutting back from the amount of water spent. The product collects the water, which has been used for the purifying of fruits-vegetables and then refined biologically and mechanically, back in its’ water tank. By this refining cycle, the water that is put into the product once, is used several times, allowing water to be reused. Fruits and vegetables, which are part of the daily nutrition, bring with it excess use of water for cleansing and purifying because of the pollution and dirtiness in todays’ world. In the future water will be very valuable and regarding the fact that the water used in cleaning can not be used again, it is crucial to reduce the amount of water used in this process.
The fact that existing products are only cleaning centered and do not show any attention to use of water, shows the benefits of the designed product for the user in comparison to similar existing products. Pure, not only cleans fruits and vegetables, making them ready for consumption, but also different from similar products, uses the same water for several times, saving water. Purifying done with water and drying done without water is presented in the interface of the product as cleaning and drying, and UV LEDs are existing to give feedback to the user during these processes.
In short, Pure, presents a simple and practical solution for kitchens with its’ userfriendly interface, ergonomic design, savings on manpower and cut back on the amount of water spent in the process of cleaning and drying fruits-vegetables.
The product is an innovative one which foresees the design necessity that will be created by environmental issues and the implantation of a watersaving mechanism which interacts with the users during the process of cleaning fruits-vegetables. At the same time, cleaning the system within the mechanism and using the same water more than once creating a water cycle is another aspect in which the product differs from already existing ones. With these features, Pure is a product designed to cut back on the usage of water radically.
Here is how the product works: the water which fills the 3 liter water tank of the product is sprayed with the pushing force by the first pump from three nozzles which are 120 degrees angled to the cleaning container, reaching all of the container. At the same time, the biological refining filter made up of ultraviolet LEDs (I) first, apply purification to both fruits and vegetables and also to the water at micro-bacterial level.
During this, the cleaning basket starts the centrifuging process by the force applied from the motor to the paddles (II). This process, separates particles from fruits and vegetables with centrifugal force and density difference. Water separated by the centrifuge, goes through a filter which separates the bigger particles(III). This filter can easily be cleaned by taking out the cover of the cleaner. After going through the first filter, water goes to the second filter which is the ceramic-carbon filter with the pressure done by second pump(IV). The wings at the entrance of this filter, make the filter inner layer turn around itself with the pressure of the water going through the filter. By this, contact surface between water and filter is increased. The water which goes through the last mechanical cleansing returns to the water tank clean and the purifying cycle is completed. This process can be repeated depending on the level of cleaning the fruits and vegetables at hand need.
Within the cycle of the system, nutritions are purified in steps I and II while water becomes ready for reuse after completing all four levels. When drying process is wanted, waterless use is chosen from the interface. This process uses the systems’ centrifuge feature for drying the fruits and vegetables.


Awarded Designer Assoc.Prof.Dr.Hakan Gürsu has succeeded as an extraordinary illustrator, designer and intellectual internationally. He’s been honored in the world’s prestigious design competitions by winning over 210 design awards within 14 years. He contributed to several national and international organizations as a speaker on innovation, creative thinking, design, and R&D. Ranging from boats, toys, and furniture to electrical devices, his environmentally friendly and visionary projects are introducing unusual solutions to common problems. He continues to train design students at METU.