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Rescue Sphere,  | International Design Awards Winners
Rescue Sphere,  | International Design Awards Winners

Rescue Sphere

UniversityYaşar University
Lead DesignersZeynep Gönülalan, Elifnur Akdolan
Design TeamZeynep Gönülalan, Elifnur Akdolan
Project LocationIzmir, Turkey
CreditsIt won the 1st prize from IMMIB
Prize(s)Honorable Mention, People’s Choice Product Design Award
Project LinkView
Entry Description

During floods, people are trapped on the roofs in groups and helicopters come to rescue them. Only 1 professional person descends from these helicopters with a rope and can only tie one person to himself and take him to the helicopter, that is, he can save only one person in a long time.
But thanks to this Rescue Sphere, it will be possible to save people in groups and families at the same time, which will shorten the rescue times and the helicopter will be able to save more victims in a shorter time. This was done in order to shorten the time and save people more safely.