Bastardized 'The Overburdened'

Lead DesignerJimmy Chew
CreditsPoetry Lyrics : Kurt Wee, Music : Bastardized
Prize(s)2nd Place in Print / CD, DVD & Record Sleeves
Entry Description

'The Overburdened' CD packaging design. Designed in the form of a distressed diary, the packaging not only epitomizes Bastardized's music and poetic lyrics, but also symbolises as a remembrance of the band's decade of life's works together -a representation of Bastardized's resilience and will to continue the decade long relationship as a band. The will that is not diminished under the obligations of life.


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Awards and Prize

Merit - Graphis Design Annual 2015 (Brand & Retail Experience)
Silver - Graphis Typography 4 (Packaging & Typography Design)
Honourable Mention - Graphis Poster Annual 2019