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Shengjing Jiu Wu Cultural City, Shenyang

CompanyJiang & Associates Creative Design
Lead DesignersJiang Feng
ClientFeng Jiang
Prize(s)Bronze in Interior Design / Commercial
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Entry Description

The designer has applied the philosophy of “book nestle” for
space design to reflect the coziness and comfort of space.
Walking in the book jungle as a “book worm”(a journey to
the “book jungle”), you will be able to enjoy a different
scenery for each different step, and feel a different value for
each different scenery. The whole space is composed of the
scenery seen in the climbing, which brings the customers
more than the enjoyment of space.

Materials such as wood grain aluminum plate, wood grain
aluminum grating and natural elements are used in the
project, and the notion of “tree shadow” is mainly used in
ceiling design, where white perforated aluminum plate
(pattern) and wood grain aluminum grating are used to
produce the tridimensional tree effect and create an art-
style space. One would feel like walking under the tree
shadow there.