Lead DesignerMr. Pornchai Arpaskuldaet
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Prize(s)3rd Place in Toy Design / Toy for 3-6 year olds
Entry Description

PopaBoat is a truly first foldable cardboard toy which resembles the wow feeling of those popup elements found in children's popup books. Popaboat employs the unique folding mechanisms to make the folded package as compact as 42" LCD TV so family can easily put away without sacrificing house space to a toy of the same size as Popaboat when unfolded. The unique folding mechanisms allow this thin package to blow up as huge as 1016mm x 584mm (length x height) to comfortably accommodate kids 3-7 years of age. The folding mechanisms are so simple to allow kids to unfold/fold with just 2 steps and the boat is light enough (apx 1 Kg.) for kids to carry anywhere and portable enough to slip into a family's compact size car's limited space trunk. Also, the interlocked handles are very convenient to operate which allows the folded Popaboat stay unopened while being carried.


My name is Pornchai Arpaskuldaet, founder of POPACRAFT. I am always interested in creating fun and creative stuff as my hobby. My goal in creating the first toy is just to solve problem that I found and want other families to enjoy the benefits of what I made. Joining the IDA Awards is quite a challenge because other people are all working seriously in creative field while I am just a hobbyist.