Huanghai coach DD6110KEV1

Lead DesignerDu haibin
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Prize(s)1st Place in Transportation / Mass Transportation
Entry Description

Huanghai DD6110KEV1 is a electrical coach, from 2016, exported 150 per year to Thailand. The body uses closed ring type full load structure. With high strength, light weight, high safety factor, which provides more space for the travelers, and reduces the consumption of energy. The coach uses the permanent magnet synchronous motor, which is small size, light weight and large power. The power battery of the coach is the long cycle life, high energy density Samsung three yuan power battery.
In appearance design, the large headlights promote the momentum of the coach. Put the logo of Huanghai group into front, rear and side design, which makes the coach design form a unified whole.


Yan zhao, in Sept 2010, had finished in the international exchange program, directed by prof. Klaus Lehmann. In 2012, she got the master degree form school of industrial design, luxun Academy of Fine Arts. In 2013, yan became the lecturer of LAFA. In 2015, she went to study in Stuttgart National Art College, Germany. Yan was invited to International Ergonomic Association(IEA), at the same year, and gave a presentation about design and ergonomic.