Lead DesignerBritt Ashcraft
Prize(s)2nd Place in Print / Posters
Entry Description

The Torrance Cultural Arts Foundation is dedicated to enriching local communitites through the performing arts. The name "TOCA" and identity was created to establish a center that would become synonymous with the city of Torrance and the Arts. It allowed the foundation to be paired among the likes of institutions such as MoMA and trendy areas such as Soho and Weho. A celebration of nonconformity and diversity, the new logo is composed of dramatic angles and shapes coming together to create a cohesive image that brings together the varying facets of the Arts. The lines are also representative of stage spotlights as well as a multi layered focus on diversity within the arts. The letters, large and bold, create a dramatic statement that, like the artists themselves, don't fear standing out from the crowd. In short, the logo is designed to be as dynamic, bold and diverse as the arts.