SDFZ Stadium

Lead DesignerWilliam Volcoff
ClientWilliam Volcoff
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

The Affiliated High School of Shanxi University (SDFZ) is one of the top 10 Chinese middle
schools; established in 1955 by the Red Army, the school was previously a formation center
for the Communist Party.
Back in 2012, we helped SDFZ redefine their communication strategy and VI guidelines.
Following this foundation work we cooperated again with SDFZ to design their new sport
center: a massive 3 floors stadium of 5,600sqm.
Stadium halls were decorated with geometrical Sports and Art figures. All were made of
steel sheets and steel frame filled with colorful acrylic to emphasize the spirit of SDFZ
which focuses on the development of student's morality, intelligence, physical abilities,
art and handwork skills.
In the indoor stadium (2nd floor), we merged the traditional Chinese calligraphy with
modern graffiti style. Again, we play with strong visual and use a set of bright colors to
motivate students.