Lead DesignerPaul Bishop
Prize(s)3rd Place in Interior Design / Conceptual
Entry Description

The Client required for a venue that could allow multiple spaces operating as one with various functions that would envision a modern day market hall incorporating elements such as retail, café/bakery, casual dining, bar/lounge, meat district, rotisserie and incubator kitchen. The differing spatialities would allow for public interaction with the space while allowing for the atmospheric dynamics to prevail yet incorporate visual boundaries for confinement. The design direction envisioned a raw and urban quality of space yet with a refined elegance that would allow for the venue to morph organically throughout the day. A mixture of materials were used to achieve this through the incorporation of varied seating arrangements, oversized lighting, original bespoke finishes, architectural reclaimed brickworks and cobblestones as well as functional design elements such as rotational prisms that would allow for interchangeable signage throughout the day representing the food offerings and setting the tone for the evening experience.


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