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Diva,  | International Design Awards Winners
Diva,  | International Design Awards Winners
Diva,  | International Design Awards Winners
Diva,  | International Design Awards Winners
Diva,  | International Design Awards Winners
Diva,  | International Design Awards Winners


Lead Designers
Prize(s)Silver in Sustainable Living/environmental Preservation / Residential Sustainable Design
Entry Description

All the products have a negative impact in the environment durinbg their life, not only during their production stage but also, during their use and subsequently during their elimination process. In order to unify the welfare state and the protection to the environment a new science called ?Ecodesign? has been developed. This new science is a tool that helps reaching a sustainable development, and also helps companies and citizens in a more sensible use of natural resources.
The ecodesign consists in the use of environmental criteria during the design and development of the products in the same way than we use other criteria such us: quality, economy, functionality, duration, ergonomics, aesthetic, health or security. As a result, the products that have been ecodesigned are more innovative and have a better environmental behavior, not diminishing other aspects such as the quality and ergonomics.
The ecodesign adopts a global vision in the relationshipbetween the products and the environment bearing in mind all the environmental impacts during the life cycle of the products. This life cycle begins by obtaining the natural resources and the transport to the manufacturing plant. Afterwards during the production stage, to the distribution, use, maintenance, recycling and later processing of their wastes. In that way the environmental impacts are treated in a more sensible and profitable way.
To sum up, The Ecodesign science is a tool that helps in the achievement of a sustainable development in the design and development of new product.
Taking all in account DIVA is a range of product for contract and interiors that fits all the requirements of Ecodesign. Each product has a recyclability percentage between 89 and 99%. As a result we have a product designed for the future that helps saving our future world.


Jon Santacoloma is the soul behind Ideilan Design. His professional career started shortly after earning his degree in business science – with a specialisation in marketing – from the Universidad Comercial de Deusto (Deusto Business University) in 1996. One year later he was awarded a public scholarship at the DZ Design Centre for a three-year course in industrial design. He later extended his studies at De Montfort University in Leicester, U.K., where he earned a B.A. degree (with honours) in Product and Furniture Design.
This knowledge and training have greatly influenced his career. He has collaborated with the University of Oviedo, the University of Aviles and Mondragon University as a professor and project supervisor. He has also taught and supervised in the Design Management Masters programme offered by the DZ Design Centre, in collaboration with the Basque Country University.
He has also been an outside expert in industrial design at the UoW – University of Wales since 2008, and maintains ongoing relations with a number of different technology centres. He is currently teaching at the University of Deusto (DBS).
Jon Santacoloma’s work has been recognised by, among others, the AEPD (Asociación Española de Profesionales del Diseño, [Spanish Association of Design Professionals]) with their industrial design prize in 2006. He has also written a number of articles related to the role of design in a company, its management and its contribution to sustainable competitiveness.

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