CompanyHottoh Design Pte Ltd
Lead DesignerMervyn Toh
ClientMervyn Toh
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Home to a young sophisticated couple with 2 children, this
apartment is modern, timeless, child-proof and has luxury of
space for activities and regular guests hosting.

Applying straight lines discipline, almost homogeneously
fabricated paneled wall formed a capturing feature wall and
hide rooms perfectly behind it during guests hosting, and
individual rooms accessible through technically fabricated
flip-up panels to uncover hidden door keyholes.

Original dining space redesigned as a study with desk slide-
able to the wall for more activity space.

Open concept kitchen for see-through spaces and increasing
light into common spaces is achieved with an art piece-like
island-cum-dining table formed by a “seemingly suspended”
trapezium-shaped 150kg quartz top sitting over specially
crafted 15mm tempered glass base. TV console blends in
with kitchen cabinets that tucked all major items to one side
of home in this single side carpentry. The slanted kitchen
overhead cabinet makes another aesthetic feature, giving
subconscious spaciousness.


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