Silence Culture

Lead DesignerFrankie Yu
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Employing wooden structural features suggestive of the Tang Dynasty along a central axis that unfolds sequentially incorporating post and beam construction, walls, doors and windows having layered facades with linear juxtaposition to extend the decorative charm.
Add to this an Edo era courtyard structural style to create a tranquil sanctuary having deeply soothing cultural overtones with deft evocation of spatial divisions that stretches the new concepts in innovative dining spaces.

Natural media textures offset by blue lighting extend, penetrate, concentrate and the lines between surfaces, smoothly fusing stylish contemporary architecture with the meandering serenity of an Edo era garden. By way of this detail-oriented attitude, new and old are harmoniously combined with each successfully imbuing the other with interest.
Through originality, regenerative creativity becomes the central means for transmitting a design's extended and integrated collective vocabulary for the expression of new and old constructs.