Japan shop project in Kuala Lumpur

Lead DesignerKentaro Yamazaki
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

This shop sells traditional Japanese
crafts in a commercialcomplex in Kuala
Lumpur. When viewed from the outside
passage, the sales floor fixtures are
illuminated with spot lighting to create a
sharp contrast between light and
Towards the rear, there is a cafe
separated from the sales floor by a grid
screen. The rearmost wall behind the
cafe bar is covered in reflective tin leaf
and is uniformly illuminated.
When viewed from outside, the screen
creates a silhouette resembling a
Japanese shoji door caught the light,
giving the space a sense of depth.
As these elements come together, a
uniquely Japanese light and shadow
aesthetic exemplified in Kyoto’s Katsura
Imperial Villa is recreated within the
context of a commercial facility.
The tin leaf wall covering, meticulously
handmade by Japanese craftsmen,
imparts the high degree of Japanese
spatial expression to the local workers
who applied it.