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Prize(s)3rd Place in Interior Design / Institutional
Entry Description

We are trying to break the existing
impression of bank, extending he levels
of the space and the elimination of cold
color which relates to the atmosphere in
a hospital waiting room. We build up an
open space to divide each function.
Moreover, the magnetic loft style
blackboard design added the witty
feeling to this calm tone space.
The point of this design is making people
to feel at home. There are no complex
decorations but trying to return to the
most comfortable space. We use a lot of
wood factor in this design, the
atmosphere of Taiwan's banks in the
past is always passive for customers, but
KOKO digit bank use the devices which
are easier to use for customers. And we
replace traditional marble countertops
to wood counter, the lower counter for
eliminating the distance.


Brand concept derived from the design theme, manufacturing unique personality exclusive space! Emphasizes shaped random energy, building structure and environment series context attributes, For space's unique preferences and habits, Through mediums characteristics, Subversion of standard pattern of thinking, interpersonal interaction between the construction of the most suitable and comfortable space, Then the most appropriate part, integrate the blueprint in their hearts, So that the final implementation presented living space as reflected in its people.