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CompanyAART architects
Lead Designers
ClientAnders Tyrrestrup
Prize(s)Gold in Other Architectural Designs / Other Architectural designs
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Entry Description

Musholm challenges the traditional notion of accessible architecture with a view to
becoming the preferred holiday and sports venue for people with any type of handicap -
both in Denmark and in the rest of the world. It combines architecture and accessible
design solutions into a unique experience that engages people and captures their
imagination – an experience that will brand the venue and the surrounding area in a
broader perspective.

Located by the Danish coastline, just an hour’s drive from Copenhagen, Musholm consists of
a new multi-purpose sports hall and a wide range of holiday homes. Covered in wood, the
sports hall and holiday homes spread in ever-widening circles towards the landscape, so
they carefully adapt to the scenic surroundings. In addition, an activity ramp twines
around the sports hall, offering a wealth of activity spots for people with disabilities,
including an aerial runway and climbing wall for wheelchair users.