Shin Yi District Lee Residence

CompanyHerZu Interior Design
Lead DesignerTAN SHU-CHING
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

This was originally a room with fragmented spaces without
lighting and ventilation design. Although the basement level
is spacious, yet it was not well planned and utilized and was
used for storage.
During renovation and design, we moved the stairs at the
edge to the center and this allows the air to be introduced
to the room from the two opening ends of the window.
Fresh air is finally introduced to the basement level and the
humidity is also adjusted.

For lighting, after the large area of the stairs is elevated,
the natural light projects on the two ends, giving the sense
of free transmission.

The presentation of stairs use the suspension design from
the wall surface while stair handles adopt steel wire to
replace traditional form that helps to reduce the mass of
stairs in the space.