Da Yin Residence

Lead DesignerGUDC, Taiwan
Prize(s)1st Place in Interior Design / Residential
Entry Description

The greater purpose of life lies in the environment one lives in, following the client’s philosophy of life, we design for him a tranquilizing home space with an enduring taste.

As the visual of simple dark and white sets the harmonious atmosphere throughout the apartment, patterns of wooden texture applied on walls, cabinets and furniture enriches the volume and warmth in the space.

We also extend the functions of the spaces with light, movable glass and wood partition. The spaces in study, kitchen and living room can be instantly connected to welcome guests and various activities.

The composite painting hung in the dinning space is made up from remaining materials of the building process. This piece of artwork is a creation from GUDC and a gift to our
client, who we see as a real friend.

One can find inspiration and peace everywhere within