Home Dream Design Center

Lead DesignerGUDC, Taiwan
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

In this two-storey showroom space, our task is to showcase brand’s excellent kitchen designs.

The adaptation of wooden and steel elements sets an elegant and chic look for the interior space. The exterior façade composed of wooden frames serve as light barrier and makes possible a bright indoor space.

The vertically extending wooden bars with steel finish rise from the counter, and visually lead visitors upstairs to discover more the brand has to offer.

LEIGHT is known for its design of modernity and simplicity.
Following brand's concept, we use pure materials of concrete, wood and steel to illustrate brand's precision in quality and simple elegance in design.

Browsing through the design center and finding themselves in five kitchen sets of functions and styles, customers can easily learn the features of brand and imagine their own cooking station