Soundrise Design Pavilion

Lead DesignerGUDC, Taiwan
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

The pavilion is a temporary showroom for pre-sale of our client’s latest building project. Besides displaying future interior designs, we want to inspire a sense of quality life with a touch of cultural elements.

In this beautiful neighborhood where the pavilion is located, we have created a friendly hub open to every passing neighbor. During the one-year duration, people are welcome to come in for a short break, reading a short story with a cup of fine coffee.

Surrounding bookshelves, sofa and coffee bar in the lobby suggest an ambient yet subtle scene, illustrating the group we aim to inspire, the ones with a great taste, who seeks in HOME a place to relax, and to think.

A fine collection of the client’s past works are shown on route to the apartment showroom on 2nd floor, creating an instant art gallery on the linear path.