Lead DesignerCHENG YU MING
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Is a vegetarian restaurant, hoping to provide a new visual experience,Designers will create a library concept,neat lines and staggered cabinets, a frame and a display space,Let the overall feeling like "library".
The overall internal space appears to open up, use characteristics of the compartment area will be separated from the restaurant area,Draw a line from the elegant meal, guests can take meal, not to disturb others, it is suitable for the party Restaurant.
The entrance is decorated with the decorations on the theme of the restaurant, in addition to attract guests, also clearly express the core concept of fresh vegetables.The central restaurant seems to convey the concentric condensed atmosphere, classical European style kitchen collocation with ornaments, both collocation results give visual new feeling.
Use the whole material with the soothing moist wood materials, and some iron metal collocation, create a low-key and elegant feel calm.