six box

Lead DesignerHironari itoi
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

The "sixbox" was designed as a residence for young couples and their parents in the tranquil, sprawling countryside.
Since the city of Kumagaya in Saitama Prefecture is the hottest region in Japan, an area of earthen ground has been planned in the center of the design to provide a space open to the air.
The living room and dining room of each building are positioned in a line around the open-air space; such a plan allows a mutual feeling of presence while maintaining just the right sense of distance.

In addition, due to the harsh winters of the region, the buildings are designed in a long, narrow shape stretching from east to west in order to absorb plenty of sunlight even during the short daylight hours of winter.
Although the design originally started as one story, a partial loft has been added, forming a space with two different heights. A large window positioned in the upper part of the space lets the low light of winter all the way back into the interior.
In addition to enjoying your own personal sky from the large window, a long, narrow style of glass window is positioned at eye level, allowing you to enjoy the trees changing color through the seasons.

The six boxes are positioned randomly so as to protect the privacy of each of their families while fully taking advantage of light and wind.