Casa Origin

Lead DesignerRay Chang
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Casa Origin is a Taiwanese tranditional old house renew. Designers' notion came from four characters: “Green, Gather, Simple, and Inception.” “Green” means natural and original; “Gather” presents getting together, warmth and sense of safety; “Simple” means easy and comfort. “Inception” is discovering the essence of living.

The patio plays a very important role in this case. It improved the original bad light and air condition caused by the narrow state in the long tenement. With designers’ improvement, the long axis of tenement can show a far-reaching sense of space with a corresponding end view. In the open space, the inhabitant can find their own corner even when they living in the same space.

Light and shadow on the manual plastering cement can display different textures in different times. Air flowing in the room unrestrained. Designs creat this space with poetry and humanity, let all the nature, warmth and vitality growing inside.