Brillia Ariake City Tower

CompanyGarde Co., Ltd.
Lead Designer
ClientAkira Kajiwara
Project LinkView
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Brillia Ariake City Tower is a new residential development that opened in Tokyo in spring
2015. The 33-story tower is located in Odaiba area. The tower offers the concept of `live
in a resort’. Our team designed the common areas at 1F (entrance hall, entrance lounge,
elevator hall), and the facilities at 33F (main lounge, gym, spas, therapy room, kid’s
lounge and a kitchen studio). We provided a luxurious design to offer a ‘timeless
hospitality’ to the owners. The space feels like a luxury hotel, emphasizing a different
world at 110m. Two spas are located at the 33F. The ‘solar spa’ is decorated with orange
mosaic tiles. The other spa is designed with the theme of the ‘moon’. The space is lit
with indirect lighting to create a soft atmosphere