Interior Designer's Showflat

Lead DesignerAlex Au Yeung
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

This work is located in the heart of a business centre surrounded by numerous high rise buildings. As a residential décor designer, the key element of the design must have the sense of home. Besides, the designer always work day and night once he has inspiration, therefore an idea to combine a home, showroom and office is created. The challenge is to transform a 580sq. feet unit into a multifunctional home office. And at the same time to maintain a subtle balance on the functional aspects and visual décor of a home, office and showroom. As the unit is 17 feel height, it is splintered into 2 storeys (except the conference/dining area next to the entrance) so as to create more space. Instead, a jumbo chandelier is mounted in the conference/dinning area. It makes the whole unit splendid, more open and wider. Stone wall, walnut wood and oak wood are used. Together with other white colour materials and furniture pieces as the main theme, it develops a feeling of comfortably warm and relaxation.