Lead Designergianpietro tonetti
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Table fixed and extendible:
Frame in extruded aluminum, joints in aluminum die-cast, in brilliant or lacquered finishes.
Ceramic top, stratified with glass.
The extensions of the extendible table are in ceramic with support of wood .
Also available with glass top.
In the fixed version, the Albatros table is suitable for outdoor use.
The extensible tables of this collection are equipped with wheels to facilitate the opening.
ceramic top
Features and Benefits:
- High chemicals resistance
- Resistant to UV rays and the colours remain stable
- Frost resistant and suitable for any weather condition, it is suitable for outdoor use
- Resistant to fire and high temperatures
- Scratch-proof and resistant to deep abrasion, can be easily cleaned
- Hygienic, does not allows the occurrence of mold and bacteria
- Eco-friendly and totally recyclable


Born in Cremona (Italy) in 1958, gianpietro tonetti works and lives in Lodi (Italy). He has been involved in design since 1977 starting as design consultant in the home decoration field. In 1983 he founded dimensioni s.a.s., (tonettidesign s.a.s. as of 2011), a industrial design company, specializing in industrial design of consumer products. Leaving behind almost completely the world of home decoration to concentrate his activities in various industrial fields.
His experience in different and diversified production has allowed him to acquire and develop a wide technical and technological knowledge of processes and materials capabilities. Insisting on following personally the various stages of all his projects from the design through technical feasibility review, and then industrial production, he keeps the important balance between the design concept and final engineering reality.
Each of his project concepts is developed to fit perfectly into the techno-commercial reality of the customer. Using fully the widest range of advanced tools available, tonettidesign s.a.s. has become a reference point for universities, IT companies, researchers, project designers, and multimedia experts, as a result of the technical content and advanced technologies used in its work. At present, Gianpietro Tonetti not only works at various levels with Italian companies, but is also co-operating with European, American, and Asian Companies.