Origami Leather Leather Bags

Lead DesignerCheng Chung Chi
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Inspired by Origami, and self assembly box, our leather bags required no stitching.

The product is a series of leather pieces that can be joined together to form different sizes and styles of leather bags. Our designs are inspired by Origami, and with the self assembly box, our leather bags require no stitching!

With our exquisite slotting system, people can have a simple hands-on experience in making leather bags, without any special tools. Also, the customization is achieved in that people can freely choose their favorite color blocks and parts and then combine them into one bag, so the bags can have different size and combinations.

The cost of leather, the cost of the leather craftsmanship is also expensive. Naturally, leather bags becomes a type of luxurious products, not to mention customized design. Our aim is to bring mass customization to leather bags at an affordable pricing.

With new parts released twice a year, all bags can become parts of a new bag. No bag is therefore out of trend, but can become a part of a different bag for the next season, giving a whole new perspective to the concept of sustainable design.