Lead DesignerFaisal AlSemari
Prize(s)1st Place in Media And Home Electronics / Phone and Other Communications Technology
Entry Description

FS ECHO PHONE CONCEPT : The aim of this concept is to create a unique design for a mobile phone that suit some of the people who likes a light phone with aesthetic material and individual design with the ability to make long phone calls in easier way without headset or any kind of technology, it's purely a design solution. The design inspiration comes from the EAR shape and how the strong relation between ear and the phone, starting from this point i tried to reflect the ear shape into the design with abstract shape coming from the nature of our planet which's the organic form with rounded corners. ECHO PHONE designed to be suitable to handle in hand and to hang it on ear with different design methods which's the ability to stand the device with a balanced weight using modern and sophisticated materials like sapphire glass, Gold, silver aluminum and rough black leather finish. The dimension for the device is 5X8.5CM to keep the device light and the hanger comes in two different sizes thin and thick, also it can be rotated 360 degree and able to fix the hanger on both sides of the device.


Gold Award winner, Creative multidisciplinary designer & Architect with an eye for innovation and design perfection. I’ve worked on various projects in multiple disciplines and although my skill set is vast, my greatest expertise revolve in the worlds of innovative product design, furniture design, architecture, landscape architecture, brand identity design, advertisement design, luxury accessories & jewellery design.my wish is to combine my knowledge and experience in these areas, to deliver the best creative to my clients and the world.