V.Alrt - Personal Emergency Device

Lead DesignerClaudio Ribeiro
Prize(s)1st Place in Industrial And Life Science Design / Safety Designs
Entry Description

V.alrt was designed as a family safety product that creates a system of emergency communication working as a safety net in an active, independent life. Should an accident occur, a simple press of our button is all that’s needed to send for help. With its built in accelerometer and sensors, it can detect a fall, and immediately alerts its loved ones by itself. The V.ALRT connects to smartphones via BTLE and exists as a seamless extension to it. Worn on a keychain, a belt, as a pendant, or carried in a pocket, the V.ALRT is always on hand to alert family or friends when help is needed. All of this, without any monthly fees required.

In a dangerous situation, seconds count and research shows that during traumatic events, a simple solution gives a person the best chance for a good outcome. We embraced this challenge with our product: a simple way to reach others in moments of need. The result is a device that requires only a single press of a button. Coupled with a reliable Bluetooth connection and an app that sends a designated message to three pre-established connections, including the person’s current GPS location, and the V.ALRT can save a life. Additional research has also demonstrated that if a person knows help is on the way, they fight harder for themselves, further increasing the chance of survival.

As part of its technology, for the communication with portable devices, uses a unified Bluetooth chip for connectivity to wireless devices and an accelerometer, that detects sudden changes in movement – that supports our fall detect feature.

The device was designed without the need to recharge, as it has a battery life up to 1 year, and it is constructed out of Special Grade Polymer to allow for good elasticity, while being durable enough to be taken along on everyday life, making it waterproof, shockproof and dust proof.