Lead DesignerMac Chem
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Lumilodge is not just a lighting design. It’s a multi-functional product with playful elements yet stylish enough to be located in your studio. It’s a work light, which have great mobility by having two wheels at the bottom. It’s wooden furniture, which serves seating purpose. It’s a decoration, which definitely highlight your interior environment. It’s also a little lodge full of inspiration as you can read or relax on the chair under the shield! We aim at creating a big toy for everyone – try discover every interactive parts of the light:

The huge peculiar knife switch is the first interactive element – it looks complicated yet safe to be touched! The light could be raised up to 3m high or lowered to around 1m high by turning the adjustment handle. Lumilodge can be switched to up light by adjusting the top hinge and turning the shield upwardly. A wooden chair was created for accessing the top hinge. We are surprised that they work perfectly together as the chair is an accessory as well as a tool of the big lamp.

The initial idea comes from the features of a tower crane. It’s formed by wooden base and mast with metal shade on one side while counterweight on the other side. The appearance was then eventually developed to current form through numbers of changes and refinement. We tried to use inexpensive materials to create our artworks and abandoned wood pallets were collected for the base. We deeply believe that art should be developed with creativity instead of money.


Born in 1966, Mac Chen is the creative director of TP Concept, which he co-founded in 1996. Received his design training from Technical Institute (currently as IVE), Mac has begun his career in art and design since 1986. Prior to launching TP Concept, he already set up his own design company with his partners in 1992. During his 28 years in advertising and design, he has been involved in various kinds of commercial projects. Until 2012, involvement in the “MTR New Railway Lines Art in Station Competition” had brought him to the new realm of his career. He has started to extend his creativity from commercial projects to installation art and product design after the competition. Based in Wanchai over 18 years, Mac decided to move his office to Tsuen Wan in 2014 where he got more space for developing art pieces with his team. Mac & his team successfully completed several art pieces including art installation, lighting & signage design in his new studio.