Agarance agarwood leaf tea

Lead DesignerWiseman The Virtuoso Circuit
ClientWiseman The
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Prize(s)2nd Place in Print / Packaging
Entry Description

Product Background:
The product is Agarwood tea and Agarwood leaf tea. Agarwood tea is more premium.
Agarwood is well known as "Diamond-Wood", for its value, healthy benefits and scarcity. It
is also highly reputable as the top-graded scent among scented plants since ancient times.
The tea are selected from the best young leaves from Hoi An, Vietnam where the best
quality and natural agarwood forest are.

Project Objective:
To present Agarance's agarwood tea is a premium unique tea product with rich oriental culture.

Design Solution:
The concept of Zen and minimal are the main theme of the design. The package visual
represents the
elegance and richness of oriental culture within tea-tasting.

Highlights of design:
-Chinese calligraphic drawing is employed to enhance oriental image.
-A special wood-pattern triangle is embedded in the form to create a unique shape of package.
-Japanese fine paper pattern is employed in the background with few colour dots. This
represents Zen's way of colorfulness in esthetic.
-The unique way of arrangement of individual tea pack (in natural spiral form) further
shows the appreciation of nature's beauty from Zen.


Danny Wong completed his study in BA in industrial design from Hong Kong Poly University School of Design in 1992. He then worked as designer, design manager, design consultant and visiting lecturer through his 9-year career in Hong Kong and started his own design business, Wiseman International Digitech Limited, since 2001 till now.
Wiseman is a branding agency which is strong in brand marketing strategy and planning. The agency is acknowledged with a number of awards, both domestic and international.
Wong is active in local design field and was occasionally invited by companies, commercial organizations, public organizations, NGO and design education parties to release speech and sharing in design-related topics.