Suning Museum of Art- Old pier

CompanyZhengbang Creative (Beijing)Branding Technology Co.,Ltd.
Lead DesignerFeng Huangyu
ClientXu Jing
Prize(s)1st Place in Other Interior Designs / Other Interior designs
Entry Description

Suning Museum of Art- Old pier
Background info:
Suning Museum of Art is located in Shanghai Changfeng
Ecological Business District, Shanghai's first high-density
business district, closing to the Suzhou River, with
riverside landscape line, it is construction area covers
about 5000 square meters, which for painting exhibitions,
as well as miscellaneous items, as well as space for
hosting small art exhibitions.
Ideas and meaning:
The use of light and shadow for media guide, from this
starting point so as guide cards to show the concept of
tradition, to meet the functional premise, combined with
installation art.
Actual situation
It is combined by real and virtual stuff.
Combination of light, shadow, the structure, and the
actual situation changes, which making good enough for
the people to feel a new visual experience.
Installation art
Suning Museum of Art exhibition environment is displayed
on the visual experience will guide the design and display
system integration, thus enriching the overall cultural
implication of Suning museum displayed on the art.
At the same time the "physical integration of information
systems" concept as a medium with AR technology,
integrated into the guiding system that is good enough
for those who experience the new interactive experience
from the auditory, visual, and so on.