Omdesign Christmas Gift

Lead DesignerDiogo Gama Rocha
ClientDiogo Gama Rocha
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Prize(s)2nd Place in Print / Self-Promotion
Entry Description

Since its creation in 1998, Omdesign has offered its
partners and clients annual solutions as a present for
Christmas. Omdesign has created special customised
editions with the motto "sharing our values with you
since 1998" (a partilhar os nossos valores consigo,
desde 1998). Some of those values are ambition,
determination, excellence and meticulousness.

The agency's portfolio includes several clients in the
beverage industry, specifically wines, sparkling wines,
beers and soft drinks. For this reason, every year (and
this year is no exception) we select a wine or beer and
create a special edition with a simple, original and
limited label, bottle and pack.

In a partnership with Unicer, one of our clients and the
largest Portuguese beverage-producing company, we
are developing a special edition of a "Czech Pilsner"-
type craft beer in two versions. Their label and
packaging will be fully customised and unique, and
will be created and produced by Omdesign.

The first version is a three-litre magnum bottle. Both
the bottle and cap reflect the original design that was
once used by almost every beer brand. The bottle is
carried in a wood and cardboard box similar to an old
beer crate. This box is then wrapped in a Hessian cloth
bag; this type of bag was once used to carry one of the
raw materials used to produce beer – malted barley.
The one-litre version has the same characteristics.

All these elements refer back to the beer universe and
to beer authenticity; and they are strengthened by a
message of close proximity between Omdesign and its
partners and clients that involves sharing common


Established in 1998, Omdesign is a Portuguese design and advertising agency that works on a daily basis for clients and partners that honour us with their patronage and loyalty.

The strong relationships we have built over 20 years are result of the dedication and the unique way we embrace each project, always offering innovative and highly effective solutions.

At Omdesign, we work with leading companies worldwide in different industries such as beverages, wines, food, FMCG, tourism, among others. The agency is recognised nationally and internationally for the excellence of its work.

Awards and Prize

More than 180 awards achieved in national and international design and packaging competitions, namely in IDA, Graphis, Pentawards, Red Dot, iF Design, among others.