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Red Hat Website, Behavior Design | International Design Awards Winners
Red Hat Website, Behavior Design | International Design Awards Winners

Red Hat Website

CompanyBehavior Design
Lead DesignersJeff Piazza
ClientJeff Piazza
Prize(s)Gold in Multimedia / Website Design
Project LinkView
Entry Description

Named one of the “World’s Most Innovative Companies” by
Forbes magazine, Red Hat, Inc. asked Behavior to elevate
its digital presence to clearly reflect its newly acquired
status as a Billion dollar company and the world's leading
provider of open source solutions. The new
and related digital properties focused on a single brand
voice and message, a publishing platform with logical
workflow designed for flexibility. At the core of the
marketing strategy was a shift from a product-centric to
customer-centric experience. Behavior designed an
experience that exposed and educated target audiences. In
order to increase engagement in terms of supporting world-
class lead generation and increasing subscriptions, training,
and renewals, Behavior’s strategy included curating content
specific to three primary target audiences based on their
role’s typical needs and wants.

Behavior recommended presenting Red Hat offerings
through four primary lenses: challenge, product, customer,
and industry. Each content entry point told a slightly
different story and dimension to the offering. At the same
time all four perspectives were interconnected to one
another allowing for continuous, fluid movement. A holistic
approach to products meant each product is positioned as
part and parcel of a larger solution set that included cross-
promotion of related products, services, and support.

Behavior suggested careful placement of high-level
information fit for IT executives with summaries of a
solution, top-line benefits and key customer success stories.
Deeper pages within the site such as product pages provide
a wealth of information for IT managers and developers
such as datasheets, whitepapers, videos, webinars and case
studies. Core to the UX strategy was building and
showcasing the global Red Hat community by giving visibility
to advocates, partners and thought leaders and enriching
connections with customers.