IBM - Watson Headquarters

CompanyThe Switzer Group
Lead DesignerGregory Gresham
ClientLuc Massaux
Project LinkView
Prize(s)3rd Place in Interior Design / Office
Entry Description

The Switzer Group (TSG) was retained by IBM to provide
full interior design services for IBM Watson’s new 120,000
square foot global headquarters located at 51 Astor Place.

Watson, the supercomputer we all remember on
Jeopardy, is a cognitive technology that processes
information more like a human than a computer. In
February 2013, IBM announced that Watson software
system’s first commercial application would be used to
learn information, gather data, and generate hypotheses
for more informed decision making within the healthcare

The Watson Headquarters occupies floors 4 thru 7, in the
new 12- story glazed-glass building designed by Architect
Fumihiko Maki. There are three main areas of focus: The
Design Studio and The Client Experience Center (CEC).

The Switzer Group created an environment for IBM,
which promotes collaboration and interaction between
creative staff. With IBM’s “THINK” philosophy as the
driving message, TSG designed a non-static, flexible
space consisting of movable partitions, tables and marker
boards; “THINK” nooks were strategically placed on all 4
floors in order to promote the flow of ideas and
brainstorming sessions.

The CEC is where Watson sits and clients can come to
interact and learn about its capabilities. CEC is used by
the marketing department as a sales tool and is
comprised of a variety of space including a 360°
immersion room, 2 conference rooms and two open
bars. The CEC room is controlled by an Oblong System
along with a 40’ LED touch screen which allows
presenters to control all lighting and media by a handheld