Arrive S

Lead DesignerYujin Kawase
Prize(s)3rd Place in Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Exercise Equipment
Entry Description

Cycling water bottles have remained largely unchanged in form or function for decades. Arrive S solves existing challenges while creating new, holistic benefits.

Design Capturing the Essence of Cycling
The angular form conveys dynamic movement and balance through opposing tapered ends, crisp body surface-transition lines and contrasting angles on the nozzle and cap. The overall form is aggressive, yet restrained, with harmonious visual balance.

Improved Functionality and Ergonomics
A medical-grade silicone valve and highly flexible sidewalls allows efficient dispensal and precise modulation of fluids. The tapered ends facilitate easy retrieval from above and effortlessly slides back into cages.

Pioneering Hygiene and Safety
Mold, bacteria and odors quickly form in regular bottles. Arrive S incorporates antimicrobial resin in all major parts, to actively resist these unpleasantries. It can also be separated into three parts for thorough cleansing. All ingredients undergo stringent testing for BPA, phthalates and any estrogenic chemicals, which is a future standard and the most comprehensive testing available.

Increased Durability
Avid cyclists discard bottles in a matter of months, as the outside/inside becomes unpresentable or unhygienic. To avoid this, a semi-matte body texture masks scratches from tight-gripping cages. A complete lack of ink graphics (common on all competitors) eliminates defacement while an UV-resistant cap withstands fading.

At 65g, Arrive S is upwards of half the weight of competitors with the same volume. The bulk of the weight loss is in the meticulously engineered small-diameter cap, along with a thinner body wall. Competitive cyclists can shed up to a quarter pound with two bottles. Shipping weight is reduced as well.

Comprehensively Eco-Conscious
The hygienic interior and increased exterior durability means consumers will keep Arrive S longer, leading to less consumption and waste. The bottle is 100% recyclable and requires less resources to ship, due to it’s lower weight.