Lead DesignerJean-Benoit Levy
Prize(s)2nd Place in Print / Posters
Entry Description

The poster is showing some of the 200 signs of the H-and-S system that was designed as an experiment, which can be purchased now as a font. Different colored hands are building a larger symbol, which represents an open hand. Inside it, within five colors range are five categories of hands. Symbolic or gestual, alone or in pairs, gestures either alone or holding an object. A qr-code brings the viewer to an animation showing the entire production.


Jean-Benoit Levy, Visual Designer, Swiss - US.
Educated in graphic design at the Basel School of Design. JBL is an international graphic designer and visual communicator. For over 20 years JBL is the founder and principal of the graphic “Studio AND” in Basel. He has received numerous design awards and published a book about hand signs. JBL works on projects emphasizing visual design, information design, and visual communication. Member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI), he has also regularly brought his expertise and enthusiasm to the classroom, teaching workshops and classes at educational institutions. He lives now in San Francisco, California.