Lead DesignerROCIO GLEZ
Prize(s)3rd Place in Haute Couture / Women_HC
Entry Description

The catwalk is a walk like a lake with blue
and green highlights.
At the backdrop, we can see different collaborators with their logos that they will be in the show called “NYMPHS”.
On each side, two pink led light vases full of live butterflies which will be dancing to the music sound. This music will be sung and composed by Alejandra Barella (http://www.alejandrabarella.com/).
Close to Alejandra, a piano will be play by Guillermo González. Carmelo Segura Companhia (http://www.carmeloseguracompanhia.com/) will dance a performance, about 1 or 2 minutes, at the beginning the show.
Now, let´s start the show, NYMPHS, ROCIO GLEZ y FERRAMDESIGN
(http://www.ferramdesign.es/) bind to open one of the greatest spectacle that give talk in the fashion world. Models will wear several dresses with pink and blue led lights vases full of live butterflies which will turn on at the end of the runway.
There are two potions: by batteries and wires or by light detectors.

ROCIO GLEZ feel a great passion for the art of fashion. Founded in 2008, it is considered a consolidated fashion brand when it relate to work and technique. Great dressmaker, pattern architect, sculptor of shapes and fabrics, painter of her fantasy translated in their creations, a musician for measure harmony and a philosopher.

It´s faithful and passionate of haute couture and the great history fashion designers as Balenciaga, Poiret, Christian Dior, Lanvin, Givenchy ..., it looks for inspiration in previous ages and in the nature, to take out the potential and beauty each project. ROCIO GLEZ is a creative fashion brand that, daily, strives hard to offer its “Heiresses Style" (customers), a great high quality and reliability service. These ones attributes allow them to create and strengthen their own identities.


ART and Imagination are the most powerful tools, through which, ROCIO GLEZ shapes fabrics that they describe beautiful stories of a simple and full of fantasy fashion. He elevates feeling and evokes memories to externalize creativity and get the weapon of seduction.

The curiosity and intuition of ROCIO GLEZ seek to find the posible limits to venture out and conquer the impossible. Faith, talent and enthusiasm highlight her personality, attractive and with a strong character, to create the first luxury Ready-to-wear with the GLEZ label, seducing different "heiresses style": generations of success women,who express their rebellion through sensuality and creating an elegant and distinguished charm with a lifestyle marked by freedom.

ROCIO GLEZ has received a wink of fate to alter the rules of the fashion world and invent others. Design and Communication breaking molds that not only seduce but generate a big impact. Committed to providing class and experience that captivate women, and to build a work that exceeds our dreams and let grow our reputation and positioning.

Subtlety, humility, ambition, mystery and power make ROCIO GLEZ become her costumers in clear representatives of femininity and sophistication. Her technique, hungry and crazy, can raise standards of beauty constantly. Besides, he discover new ways to create exclusive and refined garments with an extremely luxurious quality which can help, internationally, to enthusiasts fashion of the world.

ROCIO GLEZ doesn´t fear losing. She gives, receives and lives every day as if it were her last, without conforming and positively valuing each job. She pursues opportunities following her emotion and her heart to achieve the reason.