Lead DesignerKatty Xiomara
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Prize(s)2nd Place in Pret-a-porter / Women_PP
Entry Description

The deconstruction of the geometric patterns was our strong point. We agglutinate these figures into analogy of the task of a chocolatier, melting them and creating more organic forms. The color blocks were exposed of their rigidity leaving the structure bare and originating a set of intertwined lines and points, outlined by wavy cut outs that twist the rigidity of straight lines, the result is lighter and subtle offering us an "organic geometry in wire frame", repetitive patterns of undulating geometric proportions by time, the perfect imperfections of nature.

This collection is retrospective and futuristic mix, always under a very lucid and practical look of urban women. Just as nature, silhouette will bloom throughout the collection to reach the more structured volumes. The colors and materials have the same concept, are smooth but with a sensible dose of intensity. The white is very important and cuts the entire collection, while the black outlines.


Katty Xiomara fills up the Portuguese Fashion Week calendar since 1998. Her professional maturity led her to conduct business with new challenges. She also has interventions in different areas such as Theater, TV/Media, Music, Dance, Graphic Art and Children's clothing, and events where she’s invited or to reinvent new ideas with her distinct and personal style.

Although in 1999 she established the brand where she participated with the Collection Winter 99/2000, on the exhibition - La Mode Portugaise Révélation - at Printemps in Paris, her brand Katty Xiomara was only registered in 2000. In that same year she designed the costumes for Dante Alighieri's "Devine Comedy" adaptation by Jean Paul Bucchieri choreography at the Centro Cutural de Belém in Lisbon.